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U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Naive?

President Trump says U.S. intelligence chiefs are "naive" in their assessments of Iran, ISIS and North Korea, obviously unhappy that they contradicted him yesterday in a closed-door session with members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Where does he get that idea? From his gut? Or from wishful thinking? I put my money on the guys who make a living doing this stuff, not a rich egomaniac who hopes to be the world's biggest big shot.

Here's what Trump tweeted after the meeting about Iran, in case you didn't see it:

Trump also said the Islamic State’s control in parts of Iraq and Syria “will soon be destroyed” and there is a “decent chance of denuclearization” in North Korea.

The New York Times reported that on Tuesday, top intelligence officials -- all appointed by Trump -- said Iran is currently not trying to make a nuclear bomb and appears to be complying with a 2015 nuclear agreement, even after Mr. Trump promised last year to withdraw from it.

Of course, that deal was negotiated by the Obama administration, so nothing more needs to be said.

On Syria, intelligence officials said the Islamic State would go on “to stoke violence” with thousands of fighters there and in Iraq, and with 12 networks around the world. They also said North Korea was unlikely to permanently shed its nuclear weapons, contradicting Trump's prediction he says is based on the “best” relationship ever between North Korea and the U.S.

You know, Trump received a "great letter" from Kim Jong Un, so that seals the deal.

The fact that this man has access to America's launch codes is scary as hell.

Come on, #MuellerTime...what are you waiting for?

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