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Trump Flip Flop Game: the Retaliation Round

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Sam Morrison

Donald Trump has always been a blowhard, but he stepped up his game when he ran for President of the United States in 2016. Unfortunately, his salivating supporters only saw and heard what they wanted and now we are stuck with a president who has never heard the word "no" in his entire life.

Rich white boys like him seldom do.

Trump’s massive ego and his need to have everything done his way means we now live in an era where the president chooses to play political games instead of actually running the country.

We all know the story from a few weeks ago. Trump threatened to shut down the southern border to keep immigrants, legal or otherwise, out of the country. Told by his own experts how many millions of dollars in goods would be lost if he did that, he changed his mind and dreamed up something else. Yes, "dreamed up" because he doesn’t logically construct options or solutions to issues, just says whatever comes into his head.

This was a classic Trump flip flop where he just says what he wants to do, then is informed of the political consequences after he’s made a fool of himself. Then again, if you have no knowledge of how our government works, won’t listen to your own advisors and refuse to actually learn the job, then not understanding the impact of your ideas are is not unexpected.

Trump just says things to convince himself -- and others -- he has all the answers. He’s even bragged that things are easy to fix and only he can do it. But, his easy fixes have bankrupted him several times and resulted in lawsuits from porn stars.

Trump and the GOP want their supporters to believe Democrats want open borders and no security. Trump continuously claims that everyone trying to get into the country through the southern border is a drug dealer, rapist, murderer or some other form of “bad hombre”.

So, this week Trump came up with a new idea in his game of border security. A game that uses immigrants as political pawns. After all, he doesn’t consider them human beings, just animals.

This is the retaliation round where Trump wants to punish Democrats, especially House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for not letting him handle the situation his way, even if what he wants is illegal. Trump threatens to release immigrants into all those Democratic cities and states who declared themselves as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

The White House said the story wasn’t true, then Trump contradicted them. Trump probably thought “that’ll teach them”.

The response from the sanctuary cities was, basically, “bring it” because they know they would be able to manage these Trump created immigration “problems” much better than he can .But, consider this. These sanctuary cities are not all populated by liberal Democrats. T

There are thousands, if not millions of Republican and loyal Trump supporters living there. If he were to actually release immigrants into these cities, shouldn’t his supporters be scared? After all, he has been screaming for years they are all bad people who will murder you on site.

Wouldn’t they be afraid to go to sleep knowing these bad hombres will be roaming their neighborhoods? Wouldn’t they be scared enough to withdraw their support and possibly not vote for him next year?

Apparently not. It seems that Trump’s base actually will back anything their hero wants and supports this insane idea to punish Democrats instead of negotiating a bipartisan solution. They all apparently suffer from short term memory loss just like him.

Personally, I would rather live in a neighborhood filled with immigrants than rabid Trump supporters. Somehow, I think I would feel a lot safer with them.

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