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The Not Fake News on Red Shock Radio

In the latest episode of Not Fake News on Red Shock Radio, hosts Niko Masters and Red Ivar and I cover some of the most important news stories that have dominated the headlines over the past couple of weeks. Well, kind of.

First, we have a spirited discussion on dogs vs. cats, based on a blog I wrote that cited a study that found that dog owners are much happier people than cat owners. Both Niko and Red also like dogs and dislike cats, and Red tells how a cat nearly slashed his jugular with its claws.


The effort by the Waccamaw Indian People to gain federal recognition also gets some air time in this episode, as I explain why the feds need to stop blocking this effort so the Waccamaws can give proper burial to their ancestors. As this blog explains, we're working with the Waccamaws on a new documentary about this issue.

We also cover in Episode 5 the horrible political influence of such big money contributors as the National Rifle Association and the need too get big money out of politics. Nick puts in a plug for Bernie Sanders for that reason, but all three of us agree that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is worth serious consideration.

Neither Niko nor Red had heard about the drive by right wing groups to bypass Congress and get the states to agree to call a Constitutional Convention, where the entire U.S. Constitution would be open for revision.

They're surprised to hear that this effort is well on its way to success, per this blog from Not Fake News about the effort to rig the U.S. Constitution.

It's a fun, informative episode...hope you check it out.

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