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A Message to 'Christian Nationalists': You Are Not Christians

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Many of us know Jesus Christ, He is a friend of ours, but those of you who are extremist, power-hungry and believe in violence are not Christians.  Maybe you don’t understand the origin of the word.

Briefly, most words are made up of root words, often with prefixes or suffixes added.  In this case, Christ and the suffix, ian designates the belief in the root word. Therefore, Christians are thought to believe in Christ. Christians around the world continue to identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ, and to seek to live in accordance with his teachings. 

Maybe a homework assignment will help: Read “Matthew, Chapters 5-7” in the King James Bible, specifically, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. After you have completed the aforementioned reading, check your beliefs against those of Christ.

If you believe that Americans should hate people of different races and origins and believe in shutting out immigrants to the extent of pulling children out of the arms of their parents and housing them in cages because they dared to come to this country to seek asylum, you are not a follower of Christ.

If you believe that we have the right to stand in judgement of those whose gender-orientation does not follow the practices of what constitutes the norm, and you believe further that your judgment of those people justifies denying them their basic human rights, then you are not a friend  of Christ. In fact, there are thirty seven passages in the Bible warning against judging others. You should read them.

True American Christians are in harmony with the beliefs of many other religions practiced within the borders of this great country.  We stand together in our belief that those who hate are not Christians.  Haters cannot legitimately claim alliance to any other predominant religious beliefs that are based on love of humanity.

We are tired of you who claim to be Christians when you are not even close. We want you to stay out of our schools and stop spreading your anti-decency and anti-democracy messages to our children. You want to deny them the information about the blood already shed in battles against inequality and injustice in America.  We are raising a generation that will honor those battles and the people who fought and won them.

Stop hijacking our churches, and if you are a church that supports the bile that the haters are spewing, then shame on you.

You need to hold a meeting somewhere in the dark.  Maybe you could wear sheets for your gathering. Your agenda should include finding a name that more accurately describes your mission.

How about the Anti-humanitarian League, or call it what it really is: the Anti-Christ Movement in America.



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