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A Plan to Reduce Violence & Crime

Would you buy into a plan to reduce violence & crime and make our streets, schools, workplaces, and homes safe again from an ex-con who spent nearly five years in prison for defrauding investors?

Well, that’s our guest on the Lean to the Left podcast. Herbert Kay spent nearly five years in prison for defrauding investors, convincing them that risks were fall smaller and rewards far greater than they really were. Today, freed, he continues to pay restitution to his victims.

In between, Kay has been a retailer, insurance salesman, stock broker, registered principal, public speaker, bestselling author, venture capitalist, business turn-around expert, TV talk show host, network talking head, consultant, direct marketer and real estate developer.

And, now he’s the front man for a 501c3 non-profit that promotes what he calls the 1964 Plan, which he says would make America the safest country in the world if implemented.

During the interview, Kay explains how his experience in prison provided the insight that has resulted in his plan, which includes making all drugs legal, restoring the nuclear family and ending no-fault divorce, moving welfare programs from the federal government to the states, providing humanitarian care for the homeless, and advocating for a return to celibacy until marriage.

Kay tells a story from prison where he, a Jew, deliberately tried to pick a fight with a White supremacist so the guards would stop it and he would be placed in protective custody. The ploy backfired and the Nazi-loving con became Kay's prison tutor, helping him safely survive his time behind bars.

Here are some questions we covered with Kay as he discussed his plan to reduce violence & crime:

Q. First, tell us what happened that landed you in prison?

Q. You’ve told me that prison was the best experience of your life, why was that?

Q. What did you learn in prison that resulted in your 1964 Plan? And where did the name come from?

Q. Your website says the 1964 Plan would irradicate mass murder, homelessness, human trafficking, violent crime, and addiction. How would it do that?

Q. OK, let’s talk about the restoration of the nuclear family. Are you saying that you want women to stay home, cook and clean and tend to the kids while hubby is the bread winner?

Q. Really, you want to ban birth control pills, end no-fault divorce as well as government welfare payments?

Q. Ok, you want to legalize drugs – all drugs. What good would that do? Aren’t drugs the reason why there is so much violent crime today?

Q. Prison reform is a core component of your plan. What needs to happen?

Q. Your plan establishes a national compulsory service requirement for every teenager. How would that work and what would it accomplish?

Q. Your plan addresses homelessness. Tell us about that.

Q. Back to drugs. What are your thoughts about Trump’s wall as a way to keep illegal drugs out of this country?

Q. In the white paper introducing your plan, You say “Our politics have descended into a pit of obsequious gladhanding weasels without a single vertebrae, and they have spent us to the brink of destruction.” What makes you think these “gladhanding weasels” would embrace your plan, parts of which would be hated by those on the right and the left?

Listen to the episode:

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