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A Private Conversation with Money

Having trouble with money and building wealth? Is there something more going on than simply not having enough cash to start with? Could it be something psychological? Really? Perhaps it's time for a private conversation with your money, or to check out this Lean to the Left podcast interview.

Friesen head shot
Richard Friesen

Richard Friesen is the founder of the Mind Muscles Academy, and creator and developer of the innovative and exclusive “Mind Muscles™” training process that turns the psychology of money and wealth on its head.

Richard works with financial professionals, independent traders, business leaders and entrepreneurs of all types who want to expand their mental game to make more consistent profits. With experience as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur, he brings concrete real-world experience to his clients.

Richard is offering a free course exclusively for our listeners that will help improve financial results. You can check it out at

During the years dedicated to building Mind Muscles™, Rich was an independent consultant to the financial industry specializing in intellectual property development and management.

He also founded and built ePIT Systems, a software company which produced internet exchange software solutions. And, before that, Rich founded, built and sold Trade Management LLC, one of the most consistently profitable options and equity trading firms on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange.

Friesen is a popular speaker on the psychology of money management, politics and personal transformation. His latest book entitled: “A Private Conversation with Money” is available on Amazon.

Here are some questions we discussed with Rich:

Q. So are you saying that one reason why a lot of us haven’t been able to build as much wealth as we’d like has its roots psychologically? In other words, money makes us crazy?

Q. You say that your training as a therapist opens the door to money behaviors that no longer serve us, yet we repeat them constantly. Please explain.

Q. Tell us about the Mind Muscles Academy and the training process that you’ve developed.

Q. What is the SET Awareness Workout?

Q. Tell us about your book, A Private Conversation with Money. What’s that about?

Q. You say that “Everyone can build new “Mind Muscles” designed to expand their personal awareness.” Please explain.

Q. You wrote a blog, “Uncover Your Creative Victim in 15 minutes.” What’s that about?

Q. You wrote another blog, “The Value of Information and Belonging.” It talks about filling our emotional need for “belonging” and our critical thinking need for surprises, reframes and challenges. Can you elaborate?

Q. After all of this, what would you say are the keys to financial freedom?

Q. What is the difference between financial success and failure?

Q. You have an online course in which you present 10 money-liberating exercises. What are they?

Q. You have an offer for my listeners. How can we take advantage of that.

Q. How can people connect with you and find your book?

Listen to the interview:

View the interview:

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