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A Woman Should be in Charge

A new poll shows that women, including those without college degrees who previously supported President Trump, are beginning to abandon him in droves. In the above video, my wife, Jackie, says it's no wonder. Further, she asserts, a woman needs to replace him in the White House.

That comment came as we discussed a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll that shows Trump is rapidly losing ground against many of the voters who supported him in 2016, including both white college-educated women and those who are without a college degree.

The poll shows Trump losing against a generic 2020 Democratic opponent by 12 points overall, but with a 33-point deficit among white college educated women and a six point deficit among those without college -- a group he won by 28 points in 2016.

If Jackie is any example, Trump is in trouble. She's a white woman who did not attend college, although granted, she hasn't really switched as she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. But Trump has done nothing but anger her ever since his election.

So, in the video, I ask Jackie why she thinks he's lost this support among white women, even those who backed his election.

"Because he's an idiot," she says. "He thinks he's God's gift to the world, and I have a sad statement for him, because he's far from it. He's not exactly Obama."

Jackie also says the reason college educated white women increasingly oppose Trump is "because they know there's something better out there...that this man just talks and doesn't really do anything."

Reminded that several women are among the candidates seeking the presidential nomination, Jackie says, "It's time for a woman. Why? Because they're smart. It's time for a woman to get in there."

For more on this rather entertaining and engaging conversation, please check out the video above. Or, if you're too lazy to scroll to the top of the page, just click here.

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