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A 'Working' Vacation

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President Trump is heading for a "working' vacation. And how much is that going to cost us?

Here we go again! It’s summertime and, like his predecessors, President Trump is taking a vacation.

Never mind that he's spent over 200 days of his presidency on the golf course. That’s over 20 percent of the time he’s been in office! This from the man who famously said, “I won’t have time to play golf”, and indeed, he repeatedly criticized President Obama for his occasional golf outings.

When it comes to vacations, this administration sets the benchmark for abuses. The costs of his golf outings have surpassed President Obama’s eight years in office in a mere 30 months.

Coupled with the fact that he insists on spending his time on his own properties, this administration threatens to become the most expensive in history even before this term ends, with a current cost a staggering $107,000,000.

Even when he’s on a an official state visit, he finds a way to bilk the taxpayers. A recent visit to the UK saw him bringing along all four of his adult children and even one of their wives. Of course, this trip also featured yet another trip to one of his golf courses, chalking up another $3.6 million to the taxpayers.

Trump's supporters are quick to defend him, pointing out that he takes no salary, while ignoring the fact that he profits from each visit to his golf courses and also pockets cash from his Washington, D.C. hotel, currently the subject of a court case for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Make no mistake, it will indeed be a “working vacation”. He will have executive time, be Tweeting random conspiracy theories or attacking his enemies and taking policy advice from Fox News, just like any another day at the office.

The real issue is, can Americans afford four more years of his “working vacations”?

Uh, no.

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