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Accomplices to Murder

Murdered children at school
Some of the children murdered at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX

We woke up that morning to the tragedy of another school shooting. And while it was the work of one lone gunman, he could not have achieved his horrific acts without some accomplices. They are all around us. We pass them in the supermarket, sit next to them in restaurants, and even work alongside them; yet they are accomplices to murder.

They hide behind the labels of “responsible gun owners” and “Second Amendment advocates”, but make no mistake, they are no less than accomplices to murder. If you are a gun owner, YOU are an accomplice because you allow the unchecked proliferation of firearms.

You claim there are gun laws already on the books aimed at preventing the very violence that is uniquely American, yet in almost every mass casualty case, the weapons were purchased “legally”. In fact, the shooter had yet to commit an illegal act until they pulled the trigger.

Because you see no problem with the current state of affairs, and even want LESS regulations, you are an accomplice to murder. You have blood on your hands that no amount of scrubbing can eradicate.

Columbine (April 20, 1999): 12 students and 1 teacher

Red Lake Senior High School (March 21, 2005): 5 students, 1 security guard and 1 teacher

Sandy Hook Elementary (December 14, 2012): 20 students and 6 school personnel

Stoneman Douglas High School (February 14, 2018): 17 students and staff

Santa Fe High School (May 18, 2018): 10 students and staff

Robb Elementary School (May 24, 2022): 19 elementary students and 2 teachers

These are only a few of the multiple school shootings that gun owners are an accomplice to. Yet even accomplices have accomplices, in politics and in businesses. They also bear responsibility for the murders of dozens of innocent children and teachers. They too, have blood n their hands.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX): In 2021, he signed into law some of the most lenient gun laws in America. It permitted open carry without training or even a license to anyone over 21.More recently, a further easing of restrictions was passed last September allowing those 18 years of age to purchase firearms. The shooter in the most recent case had just turned 18.

Governor Abbott, their blood is on your hands. In a hastily arranged press conference Abbott tried to blame the mental health of the shooter instead of the lax gun laws in his state. He was initially interrupted by his Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, who tried to correct Abbott’s false assertion. O’Rourke was quickly escorted from the conference.

Ted Cruz (R-TX): Like Abbott, jackass Ted tried to deflect from the issue by accusing Democrats of “politicizing” the tragic incident. He, too, denied that lax gun laws were to blame and instead called gun owners “law abiding citizens” and not those who are complicit in the murders of innocent children. Their blood is on your hands.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY): Mitch has cemented his place in history as the lapdog of the NRA. When he was Majority Leader, he refused to allow gun control legislation to even be introduced. If he were to become Majority Leader once again, following the 2022 midterms, he would no doubt put up similar roadblocks to prevent any changes to existing legislation. As a result, he is elbow deep in the blood of children.

Forty Eight Republican Senators: Their staunch opposition to any sort of gun control reform makes each and every one of them complicit in every single death attributed to firearms.

Joe Manchin (D-WVa): It’s amazing that one senator from the podunk state of West Virginia can stand in the way of legislation that is supported by a majority of Americans. But, by opposing abandoning the filibuster, that’s exactly what Manchin is doing. He cares nothing about what the voters want and is selfishly enjoying the political limelight. His opposition makes him unique as the lone Democrat who has blood on his hands.

Matt Gaetz (R-Fl), Majorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) and Lauren Boebert (R-Co): This despicable trio has repeatedly undermined any House efforts to enact sensible gun reform. Their ideas concerning Second Amendment rights are so radical even members of their own party are trying to distance themselves from this sinister trio.

Greene harassed Parkland survivor David Hoag and even indicated she was armed as she chased him.

Boebert indicated she would carry a gun into the Capitol and posted a Christmas card where she and her children were armed.

While these three cannot stop gun control legislation from going forward, they can use their opposition as re-election fodder, drenching them in the blood of innocent children.

Alex Jones: With his conspiracy theory based InfoWars, Jones is free to spread whatever lies he chooses. He crossed the line when he claimed the Sandy Hook Massacre was fake. Outraged parents sued, and won, which had Jones run for cover by declaring bankruptcy.

This didn’t stop him from continuing his baseless rants. Yet during his divorce proceedings, he was forced to admit it was all an act and that he was a ‘Performance Artist” who could not be held liable for what others believed.

Still, he has a rabid following, especially those on the right, who are heavily armed. Look at your hands, Alex. That’s not an act.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Fox “News”: A judge declared “no reasonable viewer” would believe Tucker Carlson was actually reporting the facts. Sean Hannity has said “I’m not a journalist. I’m a talk show host.” And like Alex Jones, the cast of crazies at Fox has cast aspersions on a school shooting, in this case, calling survivors of the Parkland school shooting “crisis actors” who are trying to take away the guns of “law abiding citizens”.

Blood must flow from the water fountains at their headquarters because they are steeped in defending the rights of gun rights advocates while attempting to destroy the reputations of the victims.

Don Jr. and Eric: Sporting idiotic grins, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber proudly pose at the corpse of their latest illegal kill. They hold their weapons as a possible replacement for their manhood shortcomings. Both are set to headline the NRA Hunter’s Leadership Forum, so their advocacy for firearms is well known.

Because of this, their complicity in any fatalities is obvious.

Donald J. Trump: Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated for violence to diffuse even simple situations. During the 2016 campaign he told his supporters to “knock the crap” out of protestors, he wanted to use the military in reaction to BLM protests after the death of George Floyd. He even suggested the military shoot protesters in the legsto clear the way for his infamous photo-op in front of a church.

Trump’s penchant for espousing violence rivals that of a mafioso Don. He viewed the military as his personal army and even believed he could use the military to seize voting machines, thereby allowing him to remain in power.

Trump blithely dismissed any suggestion of increased gun violence during his administration while also advocating for less restrictive gun laws. Yes, there is certainly blood on his hands when it comes to the deaths of children.

Groups, Organizations and Businesses

There are several non-individuals who bear responsibility for the latest tragedy. They have either supplied the firearms or encouraged the violence that occurred. That means they share complicity in any and all deaths that are an offshoot of their actions.

The National Rifle Association: If any organization bears responsibility for gun deaths, it’s the NRA. They have long advocated for unrestricted access to any kind of firearms, declaring it to be a Second Amendment right. They have morphed from being an organization that taught gun safety to one that actively promote ps a dangerous, terrorist ideology.

Despite the recent tragedy, the NRA is moving ahead with its plans to hold its Annual Convention in Houston. Speakers include Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott. Ironically, guns are banned from the event that begins in a few days. It seems even the NRA recognizes the dangers of firearms, yet they hypocritically advocate for their widespread use.

Oath Keepers, Qanon, The Proud Boys and White Supremacists: Each of these groups has advocated for the violent overthrow of the government. They have suggested that any attempt to restrict access to firearms is a violation of their Second Amendment rights. They have even marched on the Capitol to force the overturning of a president election.

They are also suspiciously silent when a mass casualty shooting occurs. Yet the shooters are often motivated by these far right organizations. They are dripping in the blood of innocent children.

Gun Shop Owners: There are currently 43 states with Dram Shop Laws. They are meant to punish bartenders who knowingly serve an inebriated person making them liable for any harm that person may cause. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for gun shop owners if they sell a weapon that is used in a crime. Often, they are given a pass because they can claim they had no idea about the mental health of their customers.

Gun shop owners need to be held to the same standards as bartenders.

Gun Manufacturers: The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, passed in 2005, effectively shields gun manufacturers from being sued if their weapons are implicated in a crime. While these protections aren’t absolute, it’s extremely difficult to hold these weapons producers accountable.

This gives them the freedom to make any type of firearms with impunity. If their product is used in a crime, they can’t be held liable. That’s very convenient because it allows them to wash the blood from their hands while collecting the profits.

Yes, this is the very definition of “blood money”.

Whenever there is a mass casualty shooting, there is plenty of blame to go around. There are missed signals about the person’s potential to commit violence. There is radicalization by right wing elements. There are protections enacted by lawmakers aimed at ensuring the rights of “law abiding citizens”. And there are gun shop owners and manufacturers who see dollar signs over safety.

Unfortunately, the investigation into those responsible usually stops at the shooter. Until their accomplices are held accountable, these tragedies will continue to happen, we will continue to mourn and the blood will continue to flow.

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