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An Interview with Legal Thriller Author Mark M. Bello

Updated: May 4, 2021

Mark M. Bello is a trial lawyer and prolific author of headline inspired legal thrillers, the most recent of which is Supreme Betrayal, a gripping novel about a Supreme Court nominee who is a sexual predator.

He's the latest guest on our podcast, NFN Radio News, now with more than 300 episodes online.

In our conversation, Bello discusses his books, of course, but also the conflicts of police violence and he need for reform, some of the consequences of the Trump presidency, continued efforts to take away Constitutionally guaranteed rights, and much, much more.

I’m also pleased to report that Mark will be a frequent contributor to our Not Fake blog site, and his first contribution, "Another Young Black Man," which is focused on police killings such as that of George Floyd and Daunte Wright, is now on line.

So take a listen to our interview with attorney and author Mark M. Bello.

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