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Calling Out Racism & Greed

Ever wonder what it would be like to be really, really short? Do you think you’d feel discriminated against, or at a competitive disadvantage in life? If you’re a woman, do you believe you face unfair situations because of inequities that favor men?

Those topics and more are covered in this Lean to the Left podcast interview with Dr. Deborah J. Burris-Kitchen, a professor of criminology and department chair at Tennessee State University in Nashville, who has just published “Exposed,” a critique of American society, of love and social injustice, through the eyes of a sociologist. That episode is now streaming.

It’s a memoir of short stories and poetry that takes the reader on an expedition highlighting her struggle to find love and earn respect as she crashes against wave after wave of toxic masculinity.

Dr. Burris-Kitchen lays bare women’s victimization as they continue to fight for empowerment and equality and exposes what she says are the inequities of the American Caste system with a desire to provoke social change.

Her previous publications include a book titled Short Rage: an autobiographical look at heightism in America. She also has written extensively about racism and prisons, including “From Slavery to Prisons: A Historical Delineation of the Criminalization of African Americans”.

Some of the questions we posed to Dr. Burris-Kitchen:

Q. Tell us a bit about your background and what you’ve been up to.

Q. What are some of the topics covered in Exposed?

Q. How can we transcend stereotypes based on height, race, poverty, transgender, etc.?

Q. How can women reclaim their life after being victims of sexual assault?

Q. What do you hope the reader will take away from reading Exposed?

Q. Your bio says you’re an activist who fights against violence, racism, exploitation, greed, and capitalism. Explain.

Q. What are your thoughts about the direction the Republicans are trying to take this country?

Q. What goes through your head when you see female politicians, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, suck up to Donald Trump and support the GOP’s right-wing social initiatives that are harmful to women and minorities?

Q. Where can people find your book?

Listen to the episode:

Watch the episode:

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