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Can White People Combat 'White Privilege'?

White Privilege is a familiar-sounding term. However, most of us really do not understand its concept.

It is a legacy in the US culture and has been a big cause of racism. Resulting from the conscious acts of inequities and systemic racism, it is often unrecognized or overshadowed by unfair societal practices.

What is White Privilege, and why should it be recognized?

In essence, it is an existing notion in society that White people, by their color, have more societal advantages as compared to non-white people. Identified at both interpersonal and systematic levels, the term has a long history of events to back its strong existence in our society.

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, and Sandra Bland are just a few recent names that fell prey to the unconscious biases and unending racial discrimination in the world. However, rather than just feeling hopeless about the entire racism issue and letting the white privilege continue to impact our upcoming generations, all of us should be inspired to make a difference.

Influenced by all these unwanted and unfortunate racial incidents, White people should be ready to take positive actions.

What White People Can Do to Curtail White Privilege

Recognize Its Existence

Every White person in the US society is automatically enjoying white privilege. Here are some examples:

  • No fear of life while dealing or interacting with the police

  • Children are safe from threats while moving down the street

  • There are no racial barriers for White people when it comes to getting jobs or growing in a profession

  • The color of the skin does not stereotype personalities.

These are all examples of white privilege, which no one can deny. We must understand that such inequalities are deeply embedded in our political and societal systems, which work for the White advantage.

To change these systems positively, we must recognize their existence and take constructive actions.

Recognize Unconscious Bias

These are the biases or stereotypes we unconsciously create about people outside of our awareness. In the case of white privilege, it is about white supremacy and stereotyping of the non-white as less competent.

White people should consciously make an effort to increase their awareness about how they feel about other people of color.

They must proactively identify hidden biases and make conscious decisions for a better equal future.

Actively Seek Knowledge on Systematic Racism and Its Impact

You cannot fight against a prolonged dysfunctionality of society unless you know its historical background. Whites need to enhance their knowledge and learning on the systemic racism prevalent in our society and understand its impact on various aspects of our lifestyles.

Become An Ally

To overcome white privilege and trigger a systemic change in society, Whites must become anti-racial.

Changing the systems that promote white supremacy is important for generating synergized effects.

Understand that you might not have personally created these systems, but contributing against them, your small step can make a big difference, is very important.

Final Thoughts

No one in this world is perfect. There is always the first step to every action. Do not let fear be the excuse for your inactions. Start now, start small but do start.

Every soul has some level of humility to learn new ways and take steps to make things better. Do your research, listen and learn.

Be bold to speak up about what you think and question what you do not understand.

Your small actions can bring about an accelerating change in the systemic white privilege in society.

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1 Comment

I so much love and appreciate your wording" make conscious decisions for a better equal future."

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