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Climate Scientist: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Our nation has been experiencing the impact of extreme weather conditions…fires in California…extreme heat and drought in the West…last winter's frigid cold in Texas...and now Hurricane Ida ripping through Louisiana, other southern states, and on up into the northeast, leaving death and destruction in its path.

It's just the latest in a host of weather events that scientists attribute, at least in part, to the consequences of climate change -- a phenomena that defeated President Donald Trump denied and whose administration took actions that retarded our nation's ability to fight back.

Who knows what else is in store for us. After all, the Earth just experienced its hottest month on record. Fortunately, President Biden is reversing many of Trump's most harmful actions and is committed to leading the battle against global warming and its consequences on mankind.

Meanwhile, climate scientists have just released a new report on the roasting of the planet that was a dramatic reminder of the need to slash the use of fossil fuels just as soon as humanly possible. We really can’t wait another 30 years or so to get this done, they say.

Jack Kerfoot

Our go-to energy expert, Jack Kerfoot, in this new episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, discusses the connection between climate change and the severity of Hurricane Ida and other such storms, as well as the incredibly hot weather in the west, including his home state of Oregon, which experienced temperatures in excess of 120F this summer -- some 35-40 degrees hotter than usual.

Kerfoot warns that unless further action is taken to reduce the use of fossil fuels and accompanying greenhouse gas emissions, our nation can experience even more floods, more extreme weather, more loss of life and property.

However, Kerfoot says progress has been made -- that greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. are beginning to decline and will likely do so even further as the nation expands the use of renewable energy sources, principally wind and solar. Plus, he says, we'll save money and more jobs will be created.

A scientist, energy expert and author of FUELING AMERICA: An Insider’s Journey, Kerfoot calls for prompt passage by Congress of President Biden's bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure legislation, which would devote billions of dollars for a climate response, making perhaps the largest investment in the climate change battle in American history.

Take a listen here to the entire interview with Jack Kerfoot.

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