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Coronavirus Catastrophe Continues

Over the past week, the catastrophe of the coronavirus continued, with the European Union considering banning visitors from the United States, three state governors imposing restrictions on travelers from "hot spot" states, Trump's crazy rally in Arizona, and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said the virus has brought the nation to its knees.

The EU Ban

With coronavirus cases surging in more than half the states, the European Union is considering the unprecedented step of banning travelers from America as it prepares to open its own doors.

Once the center of the coronavirus pandemic, the EU and United Kingdom have begun the slow process of reopening as country after country is seeing cases of the virus diminishing while cases in the Americas, particularly in Brazil and the United States, continue to rise. As a result, to prevent a resurgence, the EU and U.K. are considering a ban of travelers from the Americas.

In an ironic twist, the former hotbeds of the pandemic, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are instituting travel precautions on vistors from states that are experiencing an increase in Coronavirus case, requiring them to submit to a 14 day quarantine to prevent the social and economic upheaval caused by the initial onset of the illness.

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas all have seen a marked increase in cases, and are subject to these requirements.

Many of these state governors once mocked New York’s efforts with their “it can’t happen here” attitude. Perhaps now those governors will have a clearer understanding of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s actions to contain the virus, and perhaps even look to him for guidance -- since none appears to be coming from the White House.

Trump Arizona Rally

Trump held another political rally, this time in Arizona. Despite increased cases of the illness, Trump appeared before an adoring crowd, which seemed to be a reboot of his abysmal Tulsa rally.

Energized by the crowd of young white faces, Trump launched into a litany of falsehoods, distortions and racist rhetoric. He questioned why it was called COVID 19, spreading the conspiracy theory that there were 18 failed attempts by a Chinese lab to create a pandemic. (Not that you need an explanation, but the 19 indicates that it was discovered in 2019). He repeated the falsehood that the virus was ebbing and also repeated the racist “Kung flu” label, to raucous applause.

He repeated the fake claim that mail-in ballots would result in widespread voter fraud.

Trump also visited his much-touted border wall, and made the ludicrous comment that his border wall stopped the coronavirus. Note: the section he visited was only a rebuilt section of a previously existing structure.

Medical Experts Testify Before Congress

Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield , FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn and Admiral Brett Giroir, assistant secretary for Health and Human Services, testified before a Congressional committee to update lawmakers on the current state of the pandemic. Since his embarrassing suggestion that people ingest bleach to combat the illness, Trump has halted his once daily coronavirus briefings.

During their testimony, the officials refuted Trump’s claim that the virus was “going away” and that Trump had asked for a decrease in testing. They also denied the White House assertion that the administration was doing everything they could to combat the virus and instead criticized its lack of effort as cases are rising around the country.

One has to wonder what fresh Hell awaits us. Rather than face a re-emerging pandemic due to states reopening too soon and the predicted surge from Memorial Day revelers, Trump wants to move on and falsely claim victory over the illness as he seeks re-election.

Can we survive? And what if it lasts another four years?

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