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Giving Voice, Called to Serve

Bob Gatty and Alex Wait
Lean to the Left host Bob Gatty (left) interviews Epics Podcast host Alex Wait, who gives people "different from him" a platform to tell their stories.

Note: This episode will stream Monday, September 12 at 1 a.m.

Our guest on the Lean to the Left podcast is another podcaster…Alex Wait…he’s a lot younger than me (of course most people are)…but he’s dedicated his show to giving people who are different from him a platform to be heard.

Alex describes himself as a straight white guy with a lot to learn. And that’s the reason he launched Epics Podcast and is helping people tell their stories.

I love this idea. In fact, in many ways it’s a lot like how this Lean to the Left podcast has evolved – from being a forum for progressive political discussion to a place where the major social issues of our times can be explored – sometimes by highly credentialed experts, but other times simply by everyday people with interesting stories to tell.

As I like to say, you never know who’ll show up at Lean to the Left.

On this episode, we spend a lot of time talking about homelessness and other social concerns. Alex spent some time working for a homeless shelter, where he experienced first-hand the difficulties that so many people face when, for whatever reason, they lose their home and have virtually nowhere to turn.

Alex says he feels called to serve others, and working in the shelter was one way he could do that. Now, it's his podcast, which gives voice to people who are different, who have "epic" stories to tell about their lives and their activities.

So today, we welcome we welcome Alex Wait…let’s hear what he’s all about.

Here are some of the questions we covered in the show...

Q. Besides being a straight white guy with a lot to learn, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Q. Why did you launch Epics Podcast?

Q. You told me before that After spending a career in non profits you saw the amazing work that an organization can do providing help and hope to so many. But you also witnessed and experienced burnout when your efforts on the frontlines of a cause were being misunderstood, undervalued or at the worst, unseen. Can you talk about that? I bet a lot of people feel that way at work.

Q. Did the hate and division that seems to be so prevalent in our nation have anything to do with this?

Q. What have you learned so far?

Take a listen:

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