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Harris Town Hall: Mom Gives Daughters Civics Lesson

Photo by Bob Gatty
Sen. Kamala Harris addresses overflow crowd in Myrtle Beach, SC

Sen. Kamala Harris brought her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination to Myrtle Beach, SC today and an overflow convention center crowd heard firsthand what she would do if elected to the highest office in the land.

"Fight we will, and fight we must," Harris told the cheering throng. "This is a fight we will win."

It was a diverse crowd -- young, old, white, black, brown, straight, gay -- and it was clear they were ready to dump Trump, no holds barred. Across the street, about a dozen or so MAGA-hatted Trump supporters staged a protest.

"Lock him up," some in the audience yelled when Harris said, "I will tell you, Myrtle Beach, we've got a predator working in the White House."

"It is time to turn the page and write the next chapter of our nation," she declared.

Sen. Harris speaks with Caleah (left), her mom, Melanie Christian (center) and sister, Malena at the Harris Town Hall in Myrtle Beach, SC today.

In the crowd was Melanie Christian of Myrtle Beach, who took her two teenage daughters to the event because she wanted them to "see what a candidate has to go through to get elected.”

It was a hands-on, in-person civics lesson the likes of which most kids could never imagine.

Christian said she was impressed with the senator. "I think she's amazing," she said. "I think she's clear as a bell."

Her daughters were happy they attended. "I wanted to learn about how to get elected and about public speaking," said 13-year-old Caleah. Perhaps serving in public office is in her future?

"It was good," said Malena, 14. "I learned about what she is going to do to make America better."

And then, moving amid the crowd came the candidate herself, pausing to give hugs, pose for selfies, and say a few words. Soon, she came to the Christian family, smiled, and paused for a brief chat.

One day, Caleah and Malena may be able to say that they shook the hand, and spoke directly with, the first woman president of the United States of America. A woman of color, just like them.

Quite a civics lesson, indeed.

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