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How Did Trump Hijack Our Nation?

Donald Trump’s attempt to hijack the presidential election has failed spectacularly. But what brought us to this point in America’s history?

In “Hijacked Nation, Donald Trump’s Attack on America’s Greatness,” authors Bob Gatty and Chris Waldron take a walk through contemporary history in essays published on Not Fake "Hijacked Nation" is a virtual play-by-play of Trump's attempt to destroy our democracy and, in effect, became America's dictator.

First published in July, the book has been acclaimed by readers who have given it nothing but five-star reviews on Here's an example:

"With the cardinal merit of clarity, this book is a detailed look at the absurdities of life during the Trump years. It is of great value now and will be productively useful for scholars and students for years to come." -- David Hinshaw, Atlanta, GA.

Check out the digital version and paperback Volume 1 here and the paperback volume 2 here. Get more info about the book here. Order the discounted set of both paperback volumes, which can be signed by the authors, here.

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1 Comment

I love the books! A fascinating look at what I hope was the past reality! Looking forward very much to the new reality!

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