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Climate Crisis: 'Deal with it or Suffer the Consequences'

There's no time left for the U.S. to, like the ostrich, hide from the crisis of climate change, says Dr. Samuel Goodman on the Lean to the Left podcast.

"It comes down to what we're willing to accept on a large scale; what we're willing to sacrifice to keep or maintain at least some level of civilization." -- Dr. Samuel Goodman, speaking about climate change.

Goodman made that startling comment in a new episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, now streaming,

"It's an issue that transcends everybody's politics. You can either deal with it or not and suffer the consequences."

Dr. Goodman is an author, speaker, and scientist who uses his education and experience to bring the confluence of science and engineering to important issues of public policy, like climate change. He has a phD in chemical engineering and has just written a new book, “Beyond Carbon Neutral – How We Fix the Climate Crisis Now.” Climate change, he says, “is the defining challenge of our age”. At best, he says, “It threatens to disrupt everything about our society, while at worst it could destroy everything we’ve worked to build.” “Beyond Carbon Neutral” lays out a complete strategy for reversing climate change by presenting three key areas of activity that are essential to averting catastrophe. Is that hyperbole, or fact?

Take a listen to the podcast and find out.

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1 Comment

donna lombardo
donna lombardo
Sep 18, 2021

I am doing my part to deal with it. I recycle. I compost. When I get the money I will have solar power installed.

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