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It's Over, but at What Cost?

Today is Sunday and on Wednesday the Congress of the United States will meet to officially certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and to kick Donald Trump and Mike Pence to the curb.

And that last official act will be Mike Pence's to perform.

Yes, there will be seditious efforts by some Republicans to drag out the proceedings, to create a spectacle for the news media, and to appease Trump's loyal supporters. But when the debate comes to a close, it will be Pence's job to read the final electoral college tally:

Biden -- 306

Trump -- 232

The above ad created by The Lincoln Project says it all. Speaking directly to Trump, the announcer says:

"When Mike Pence is running away from you, it's over."


Now, the question is how much harm will have been done to the Republican party by the antics by Cruz, Hawley & Co. as they force GOP lawmakers to vote either in support of Trump or in support of our Constitution?

How much lasting harm will have been done to our nation as a whole, as divisions are exploited and emotions are stoked for the sole purpose of individual political advantage?

Thankfully, soon it will be over and on January 20, Biden and Harris will be sworn into office and a new, hopeful chapter will have begun.

Biden -- 306

Trump -- 232.

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This part is scary Bob. I sure do not trust him, just in hopes we can trust others.


I am so looking forward to the next chapter and also the next wave of relief I will experience emotionally and physically!

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