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Listen to Both Sides of the Story

Whatever happened to the concept that before making a decision it's wise to listen to both sides of the story?

That's the idea behind Ponderly, a new social media platform that’s intended to be a safe and engaging space where users can get the facts, consider the other side, and decide what to think.

The point is to cut through the rhetoric, lies and misinformation that is spun out on major social media platforms and help bring people together, and we have as our Lean to the Left podcast guest Amir Shiekh, Ponderly's founder, whose goal is to cut through the rhetoric on sensitive and controversial issues and reduce the divisiveness that has become so prevalent in our society.

Listen to Both Sides of the Story

Unlike other social media platforms, Ponderly provides short, quick-read articles about key issues in the news with writers offering analysis, pro and con.

An example: Should razor wire along the southern border be removed? Read both sides of the story and then decide and comment.

In this episode, Amir explains Ponderly's goals and objectives, how it works, and even how writers can get involved. While the platform is brand new and still being tweaked, Shiekh says subscribers now number "in the thousands" and plans are for it to grow dramatically in the years ahead as it provides an alternative to Facebook and other social media platforms.

So, check out Ponderly and listen to both sides of the story.

View the interview:

Listen to the podcast:

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