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Media Keeps Making the Same Mistakes

This is the "conspiracy minded whack job" referred to by CJ Waldron below.

Turn on the news today and there will undoubtedly be several stories about a certain member of Congress from Georgia. One would think it would be the historic victories of Senators Warnock and Ossoff, but instead we are being flooded with reports of a conspiracy minded whack job who will not go away.

And why should she? The media keeps shining a spotlight on her and her actions, giving her loony ideas and outrageous lies a tremendous platform.

It seems the media hasn’t learned its lesson from 2016. During the presidential election of that year, the media kept reporting on the outlandish antics of someone who should have been a fringe candidate, elevating him to a status that led people to take a closer look and, in turn, putting him in the Oval Office as his demonization of the media caused more and more people to question the voracity of these media reports despite first-hand viewing of his vile acts, including admission of sexual assault via the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, his mocking of a disabled journalist and his repeated calls for violence by his supporters.

Each time they reported these acts, the consensus was that this would finally be the thing that would torpedo his chances of being elected. And each time it only sought to endear him to a growing disturbed segment of the population.

Now, on the eve of an historic second impeachment trial, one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters is the center of the news due to her outspoken championing of the debunked “voter fraud”and “stolen election”conspiracy theories that led to the storming of the Capitol. Yet, the media is hanging on her every word.

No, there will be no mention of her name. She must not be given the attention. She should not be elevated to the same “media darling” status that resulted in four years of failure, bullying and chaos. Because, like Trump, she is blaming the media and “the radical left” for her recent actions. And like Trump, continued attention to her will only give her a bigger voice in an already divided party where accountability is a myth and seeking to punish those who go against the party line the new normal.

Will the media learn or are we doomed to another Frankenstein’s monster that has been created by the desire for headlines?

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1 Comment

Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds
Feb 08, 2021

voracity ? as in voracious ? veracity is truthfulness, of course. Edit, please.

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