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Michael B. Moore: Carrying the Family Legacy in SC

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In 2020, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina’s First Congressional District, edged out Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Cunningham…who had been the first Democrat to flip a House seat in South Carolina in 30 years. Mace won by just 5,400 votes, or one percent.


Then, two years ago, following redistricting, Mace won reelection by 14 percent.


Since then, Mace was critical of Trump following the Jan. 6, 2021 MAGA attack on the U.S. Capitol, but she’s endorsed Trump – despite the many criminal charges against him and his conviction for sexually abusing writer E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s.


Now, forward-thinking business executive Michael B. Moore is one of two Democrats running in the June 11 SC primary for the chance to oppose Mace in November. As he focuses on carrying the family legacy, his opponent in the primary is attorney Mac Deford, who’s interview on this podcast is now streaming.


We’re pleased to have Michael Moore with us on the Lean to the Left podcast, but before we get to that, please visit, where you'll find thumbnails and links to all of our episodes. You can subscribe there too. And don't forget to give us a rating wherever you listen. Five stars would be super cool. 


Here are some questions we addressed with Moore, who is carrying the family legacy in SC:


 Q. Michael, you come from a long line of pioneering public servants, including your great-great-grandfather, Civil War hero and Reconstruction Era Congressman Robert Smalls. In 1862, Smalls commandeered a Confederate ship in Charleston harbor, carrying his family and 15 other enslaved people to freedom.


He went on to become one of the first African Americans to serve in Congress, and now you’re seeking the same House seat held by your great-great-grandfather almost 150 years ago.


That’s quite a legacy, Michael. But can you give us a quick summary of your background and why it qualifies you to serve in Congress?


Q. Late last month a federal court ruled that the South Carolina elections will be held under a map already deemed unconstitutional and discriminatory against Black voters by the same three-judge panel that found that the state used race as a proxy for partisan affiliation, a violation of the 14th amendment to the Constitution. Your thoughts about that.


Q. What are your thoughts about Congresswoman Mace supporting Trump after criticizing him for the Jan. 6 insurrection?


Q. What are your top priorities for Congressional action in the next two years?

Q. Your district, District 1, is dependent on tourism, sensitive to climate issues, in need of affordable housing. It’s comprised of varied communities with different needs. If elected, how will you deal with those issues and meet those needs?


Q. How will you address the challenges of healthcare accessibility and affordability?

Q. How do you plan to engage with and represent underrepresented or marginalized groups in our district?


Q. Trump and the Republicans are talking about Social Security and Medicare cuts. Your thoughts?


Q. Where do you stand on the issue of reproductive rights?


Q. What about immigration?


Q. Many voters are frustrated by the inability of Congress to pass legislation in recent years. Some members, including numerous Republicans, are leaving Congress because of their frustration. Why do you believe it will be any different for you?


Q. Why did you decide to take on this challenge? South Carolina isn’t exactly Democrat friendly! And why are you the best candidate to take on Congresswoman Mace?

Listen to the podcast:

Read the transcript:

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