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Of Historic Proportions

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With their blind loyalty to twice impeached, twice indicted Donald Trump, Republicans are committing blunders of historic proportions.

This is the final installment of a series that examines the faults and failings of Republican Party as is attempts to destroy Democracy as we currently know it by abandoning their Constitutional oaths and swearing fealty to the very person bent on causing its destruction.

Republicans are a party that thrives on always being in crisis mode. And when no crisis is apparent, they will create one. Even when a crisis is resolved, they find a way to start a new one. It appears they don’t understand that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Despite losing the White House, they followed the same playbook for the midterms. It cost them control of the Senate and now they have a slim majority in the House which requires them to cater to the lunatic fringe of the party. And what a collection of crazies it is. You have Lauren GED Boebert trying to challenge a law professor, George Santos releasing a video in ethics over the proposed censure of Adam Schiff for investigating Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene banging the gavel and demanding members show some decorum as the committee she was temporarily chairing ran amok.

In so many instances, Republicans have either caused or manufactured crisis after crisis in order to appeal to their base. Despite most having very little factual evidence to support them, they continue, rolling out the next fabrication after the previous one fizzles out, or the public moves on.

No matter the issue, they will create controversies where none existed before. Often, the result is getting egg on their faces, but this doesn’t stop them from making up a new set of baseless accusations.

They never seem to learn.

Of Historic Proportions

When it comes to the legal issues surrounding Trump, Republicans use terms like ‘unprecedented’, ‘unheard of’ and ‘historic’. They use them to imply that Trump is being unfairly treated as an extension of the Trump Derangement Syndrome they accused those who opposed him of suffering from.

They want you to ignore the multiple crimes he’s being accused of committing and instead focus on the fact no former president has ever faced prosecution. They want you to think any method of holding Trump accountable for his actions is nothing more than political persecution.

While they are using the correct terminology, they are way off base in their application. Yes, it is indeed unprecedented that Trump is the first former president to be indicted. He is also the first former president to intentionally take classified documents from the White House and then refuse to return them to the proper authorities when requested to do so.

It is definitely historic that a former president is being investigated for trying to overthrow the government. Even during the buildup to the Civil War, there was a peaceful transition of power. Trump is the first, and so far, only one to refuse to allow the very thing that makes America unique among the democracies around the world.

It is certainly unheard of for local prosecutors to pursue charges against a former president. It’s also unheard of for a former president to attempt to hold on to power by attempting to coerce a government official to illegally alter the results to allow such a thing to occur.

Republicans, who are whining about a two-tiered justice system in relation to Hunter Biden’s plea deal, are also suggesting a unique solution to Trump’s legal woes. Some are suggesting that President Biden issue a preemptive pardon “for the good of the nation”. Others, who are seeking to curry favor from Trump supporters as they announce their own quixotic bids for the White House, are saying they will pardon Trump if elected. Apparently even they believe Trump is guilty of at least some of the crimes for which he stands accused.

So, what’s this two-tiered system they are whining about?

IF Republicans had done their duty and held Trump accountable in the first impeachment trial, January 6th would not have happened, and he would not have the opportunity to abscond with dozens of boxes that included classified documents. He wouldn’t have the ability to attempt to intimidate election officials into changing the results.

IF Republicans had supported COVID restrictions, vaccine and mask mandates and promoted social distancing and contact tracing, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, might still be alive today.

IF Republicans had promoted diversity and acceptance as the teachings of the Bible and condemned White Supremacy and fake Christianity, there may not be so much divisiveness in our country.

IF Republicans left the decisions of what should and should not be taught in the classroom in the hands of qualified educators instead of ceding control to sometimes illiterate parents and biased school boards, there would not be a nationwide shortage of teachers.

IF Republicans had applied the provisions of the 14th Amendment that prevent someone who has engaged in insurrection from ever holding office again, they would have taken away the incredible sway he currently holds over the party faithful.

The Road to the White House

The possibility of Trump retaking the White House is very real. Despite facing multiple charges, he still remains extremely popular with Republicans. Democrats are concerned with Biden’s age, which may keep them away from the polls on Election Day. Republicans are trying to make age and Biden’s mental health an issue, but that means ignoring the obvious flaws in Trump’s history of rambling, nonsensical statements along with his tone-deaf bragging over his performance on a test meant to detect senility.

With no real challengers on either side, it looks like the 2024 election will be a rematch of the 2020 contest. With Democrats and Republicans equally split, the decisive votes will have to come from Independents, who currently comprise 49% of registered voters. This means Trump, who typically depends on his loyal base, will have to make his appeal to independent voters if he hopes to have a chance of winning.

House Republicans have given people a glimpse of what a return to the White House by Trump would look like. MAGA Republicans have forced the party to swing to the far right in order to get anything done. They’ve launched investigations into those who attempted to hold Trump accountable and even censured the leading House Democrat for his role during the Trump administration.

Trump promises more of the same with his vow to skewer Democrats on a revenge tour that will only further divide the country. Some in his own party are breaking ranks by warning that, if Trump gets back into the Oval Office, he may find means to stay there permanently.

When it comes to their woes, the GOP has only itself to blame. It's blame of historic proportions.

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