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Our Environment, Our Future

Mikaela Campman, an environmental science student at the University of South Carolina, is planning a career in #environmentallaw and hopes to make an impact on the potentially catastrophic threat of #climatechange.

In this Not Fake News video, Mikaela discusses this threat and the impact it will have on our world unless significant actions are taken without further delay.

"For me, my life is at stake and my children's life is at stake," she says, "and the wellbeing of future generations is being significantly impacted for them to save a couple dollars here and there."

Mikaela was talking about the #fossilfuelindustry and their political supporters who benefit from it.

"It actually does make me really angry," she says.

Upon graduation, Mikaela intends to pursue a degree in #environmentallaw, where she hopes to do her part to affect the battle against #climatechange.

Her comments came as President Trump continued to push the false theory that Americans can continue to blithely ignore the consequences of our actions, as he attempts to roll back regulations regarding low-flow toilets, auto emission standards, solar and wind energy, and more.

Fortunately, Mikaela and many other like-minded young Americans are preparing themselves to step in and act -- and, if necessary, undo much of the damage being done by our current president and his #climatechangedenial supporters.

Check out the video. I think you'll be impressed by what Mikaela has to say. She intends to contribute blogs from time to time to Not Fake News, focusing on environmental issues.

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2 comentarios

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
26 dic 2019


Deb Humdom (on YouTube) She is an inspiration and gives hope for the future!

Me gusta

C J Waldron
C J Waldron
26 dic 2019

This is a very intelligent young woman. She definitely understands the threat being posed and how it will influence future generations.

On a side note, the changing backgrounds look great!

Me gusta
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