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Overcoming Life's Challenges with Creativity

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

David E. Feldman has confronted so many serious health problems in his life that it’s a wonder he’s still standing. He’s faced drug addiction, depression, spinal problems that nearly led to paralysis, two hip replacements, intestinal resection with colostomy and cancer. But instead letting all of that beat him, what’s Feldman done? He’s written a bunch of books in which his characters overcome life’s greatest hurdles. In fact, Feldman is the author of eight books, including his 6-book Dora Ellison Mystery Series and a standalone “literary” novel, The Neighborhood, which focuses on racism. And oh, by the way, Feldman is an accomplished working musician and artist. He’s an award-winning filmmaker, too, and His play, Love Lives On, was a winner of the Artists in Partnership Inaugural Playwriting Contest. He’s been the owner of e-Face Media – – since 1989, which provides web design, videography, brand development, and digital services, among others. This Lean to the Left episode is uplifting and encouraging, demonstrating the power of determination and the human spirit, and how writing, music and the arts can be cathartic for people who have had difficult obstacles to overcome.

Here are some questions we asked David:

1. Tell us about your story. How is it that you’ve faced all of these serious health concerns and yet have been able to produce all of this creative work and even run a company? 2. How is it that these experiences found their way into your novels? Tell us about them. 3. Your books touch on issues of the day, much like this podcast, focusing on issues such as bigotry, to gender issues, to the lives of people with special needs. What do you see in society today that makes these topics important and relevant? 4. One of your books deals with bullying. Tell us about that and why you wrote it. 5. You recently completed a ghostwriting project about the history of people of a particular heritage in U.S. military. You also ghosted a romance novel and a how-to book about fishing. Is there anything you don’t write about? 6. What’s your view of society today, the divisions, the increase in hateful rhetoric on social media and even in interpersonal relationships? 7. What’s your view of the political situation today, with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and targeting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as they complain about a budget deficit that they, themselves, made much worse during the Trump presidency? 8. Thoughts about the 2024 Presidential election? 9. What is the goal of your writing? 10. You have a new book in the works. Tell us about it and where can people find your books? 11. What’s ahead for you?

Listen to the podcast:

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