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Overcoming 'The Silent Scream'

With the U.S. Supreme Court apparently poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and clear the way for a virtual abortion ban in many states, I'm sharing with you the thoughts of Kelsey Walker, who had to have such a procedure because her unborn baby suffered from a devastating rare fatal disorder.

Kelsey spoke on the Justice Counts podcast with co-host Mark M. Bello and me early in April, well before the pending Roe v. Wade decision was leaked. That episode is now streaming here.

Since she was a teenager, Kelsey’s been a warrior for reproductive rights and then she had her own experience with abortion. It was a tragic situation, and laws in the state in which she lived made it even more difficult.

From the trauma of that experience, she wrote a memoir, “Face Everything and Rise,” and now she’s founded a nonprofit, “From the Green Desk” to coach and provide group therapy for women who’ve had abortions, lost pregnancies, or children.

By doing this, she hopes to eliminate the painful “silent scream” that results from these losses.

But Kelsey acknowledges that women's reproductive rights are under threat like never before, even threatening fertility treatments as well. So, she's mounted a campaign to send her book to every lawmaker in Washington, the Supreme Court, and President Biden.

Check out the video clip above for a preview.

Listen to the complete interview here:


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