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Pete Buttigieg: Fighting for America's Future

NFN writer Chris Waldron backs Pete Buttigieg for President and explains why. Second of a series by NFN writers about their choices.

With the average age of the top tier candidates being 75, Pete Buttigieg, at the tender age of 37, represents a fresh face on the political frontier. While some may argue that having a leader with little or no political experience is exactly like our current president, Pete has political savvy that the current administration lacks.

However, he is also young enough not to be infected by the Washington establishment, nor to be beholden to those whose past has made them pawns of special interests.

Buttigieg is a veteran who understands the importance of discipline as well as a respect for the military hierarchy that ensures this. He also understands what it means to be a soldier, which will make him a stronger leader.

With a win in the Iowa Caucus and strong showing in the New Hampshire primaries and Nevada Caucus, Pete has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with. Once considered an also-ran in a field dominated by political heavyweights, Buttigieg has shown steady progress in polling while garnering wider support overall.

On the issues, Buttigieg has maintained a moderate approach, even in the face of his more progressive foes. With healthcare being of tantamount importance to a majority of Americans, Buttigieg backs a plan that would allow those who like their private insurance to remain with their plan while allowing Medicare for those who need it.

This approach would lessen the overall cost of medical insurance by not passing along the costs of the uninsured to those who have coverage.

So, where does he stand on other issues?


Buttigieg supports comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship for DREAMERS, reunification of families torn apart by unjust immigration policies and a border security that represents both a strong border but one that will allow those seeking legal asylum to enter the United States regardless of monetary need.

Gun Control

Buttigieg supports sensible gun control measures including closing the “gun show loophole” that allowed unlicensed sale of firearms, enact federal Red Flag laws that would take firearms from domestic abusers, as well as those convicted of Hate Crimes, ban the sale of assault weapons and promote legislation that would make gun manufacturers liable for the items they manufacture.


Buttigieg would provide free college for those who need assistance as well as meal vouchers to ensure college students are able to survive during college.

He would also revamp the public school system by banning for- profit charter schools which are stripping much needed funds from already struggling school districts. He would then triple Title I funding to these schools, allowing them to be on par with their suburban districts.

Furthermore, he is proposing greater support for teachers through his creation of an Education Access Corps which would encourage teachers to teach in struggling school districts by providing them with greater economic incentives.

Climate Change

Buttigieg understands the danger climate change presents. He would rejoin the Paris Accords to promote worldwide climate change protections. He has multiple plans aimed at combatting climate change as well as rolling back many of the environmental policies that Trump enacted that allowed for further pollution and dangerous conditions.

The Economy

Buttigieg’s Economic Agenda for American Families aims to close the gap between the haves and have-nots by providing a living wage, affordable housing and greater economic opportunities for the middle class. He also is proposing increased support for the growing senior population by expanding Medicare and Social Security protections and ensuring those who can afford it contribute to both of these.

Foreign Policy

Buttigieg recognizes America’s diminished place on the world stage due to the reckless isolationist policies of Donald Trump. He wants America to once again assume a leadership role, to challenge Russia, to take on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and to re-establish its ties with NATO. He also recognizes the threats that cyber security represents in a changing world, unlike some of his more aged opponents. In his speech “America and the World in 2054” he laid out a vision for America’s continued support of its allies while not backing down to its adversaries.

Family Values

While Republicans will hypocritically attack Buttigieg on his “family values”, Buttigieg has been a loyal husband. The same can’t be said for Donald Trump. While Trump has yet to attack him on his homosexuality, he has allowed his minions, such as Rush Limbaugh to do so.

While others have wilted in the face of such verbal assaults, Buttigieg fired back, stating he would not be lectured on “family values” from the likes of Limbaugh or Donald Trump.

With a clear vision for America’s future, and the fortitude to stand up to the bullying of Trump and his supporters, Pete Buttigieg represents the best hope for a strong America, free from fear, free from want and free from hate.

That is why I am supporting Pete Buttigieg in the upcoming South Carolina primary, and hopefully, the White House.

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1 Comment

I really like him and like all of the Democratic candidates. I like people who are thoughtful, considerate and speak in a refined manner-unlike our current leader!

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