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Pretzel Logic and the Trump Economy

The economy is humming along nicely. Unemployment is down and the stock market is up. All indicators see no end in sight to this 11-year joy ride. So, of course, Trump and his supporters constantly tout his economic accomplishments, while belittling the tremendous strides President Obama made to right the sinking ship he inherited from George W. Bush during the Great Recession.

When Obama took to Twitter to mark the date the recovery began, he predictably was attacked by Trump’s supporters, who conveniently ignored the fact that the recovery has lasted 11 years, while Trump has been in office less than four. Nevertheless, they claim it was the Donald who should get the credit for the economic boom.

Of course, Trump fired back at Obama, on Twitter:

Seems the thin-skinned one doesn’t like to share the credit. Nor does he allow facts to get in the way of a good lie. As a result, he sent his minions out to refute President Obama’s claim.

Despite being shown a side-by-side comparison of the economy under both Trump and Obama, Trump’s economic adviser, Peter Navarro, continued to deny the facts, insisting that Trump’s numbers were far better. He touted the trade wars and “tax reform” as keys to the current economic boom.

Then, Trump’s followers took to social media to spread the lies. Here are some examples of their Facebook comments:

“We all remember the Obama economy. His policies had not one thing to do with todays great recovery. The policies Trump implemented made the economy what it is today. Anyone with a brain can see that.”

“Having another five years to complete his work is tons different than failing miserably over an eight year span. But, we understand your ignorance.”

“Obama made an empty claim on Trumps economy. Obama blamed his short comings on Bush. Obama put us in debt, weakened our military, pushed hatred of our law enforcement, put children in cages at the border. Unemployment was at 10%. Businesses closed, people lost their homes, implemented common core, Obamacare failure. Gosh, I can go on for ages.”

Notice NONE of these comments has any facts to support them. Like Trump, his supporters twist themselves into pretzels, trying to create some sort of logical “defense”.

They fail miserably to all but his base.

We need a president who represents ALL Americans once more. Only then will America truly be great again!

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1 Comment

You are so right and more and more it seems like Trump is the leader of a cult. His followers justify everything he says and does and he is seen as the savior. It is becoming scary!

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