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Revitalizing Communities for a Brighter Future

The Lean to the Left Podcast welcomes Storm Cunningham, whose work involves helping to rebuild, restore, and revitalize communities that need a little bit of help.

Storm is executive director of Reconomics institute, the Society of Revitalization & Resilience Professionals, which is dedicated to improving the process of improving places.

He’s an author of three books: "The Restoration Economy," "reWealth!", and "Reconomics, the Path to Resilient Prosperity." Storm also is editor of "Revitalization: The Journal of Urban, Rural & Environmental Resilience."

Storm advises mayors, governors, members of U.S. Congress, and executives of foundations, non-profits and corporations. In these confidential roles, he stays in the background so his clients can take full credit when they launch leading-edge policies and initiatives.

The bottom line is that Storm’s work helps to improve communities, and that’s a benefit to residents and businesses alike, providing a much brighter future than previously might have been possible.

Here are some questions we asked Storm during the interview:

1. You have a lot going on. Can you give us a thumbnail about the work you’re doing and how communities are benefiting?

2. I know you have a new service coming soon. Rising Places. Can you tell us about that?

3. In our pre-show call, you said that your objective is to revitalize, improve quality of life, boost economy, and jobs in a way that’s inclusive, rather than top down focusing on big redevelopments…Please explain.

4. You made the comment that a lot of places have a shared vision as to what they want to achieve, but don’t seem to get anywhere. Is that where you guys come in?

5. Do you help communities obtain funding and other resources for revitalization projects? Arrange partnerships with resources in the private sector?

6. What are some examples of communities that you’ve worked with and assisted?

7. We know that our economy is changing, and that’s affecting peoples’ livelihoods…energy for example. The drive to reduce reliance on fossil fuel directly affects coal miners and others who work in that industry. What can be done to help them?

8. I know you’re a public speaker and that you run workshops, etc. Tell us about that.

9. What’s next for you?

10. How can people get in touch?

Listen to the interview:

Watch the interview:

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