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Supporting the Dems' Spending Plans

As always, I am just going to say what I feel--even though I realize that nearly half of you will disagree.

I support most-if not all--of the Democrats' plan for fixing America's infrastructure and I support their plan for social and environmental spending.

Here's why.

First, our bridges, roads and tunnels are a mess. After decades of neglect, simply because no one else wanted to spend the money, our infrastructure is falling apart and we need to make the investment now before it starts becoming a problem we can no longer fix.

Second, I have no doubt that climate change is real (I previously was about 99.9% sure), and governments and the private sector must take the necessary steps NOW to slow it down and, hopefully reverse it. The weather has changed, even during my lifetime, and it is having a big impact on all parts of the world and all parts of this country.

This may be our last chance to fix it too. Appropriate steps need to be taken to slow and reverse these problems so that our children and future generations can live on this planet.

Third, our social agenda is misguided. There needs to be universal health care in this country, just like there is universal health care in just about every developed country in the world. This law starts to fix the problem by expanding Medicare and, hopefully, lowerng the age of eligibilty to 60 from 65.

Yes, this is going to cost money. Yes, someone, namely the rich, will have to pay for this. But, I think the fact that CEOs and other top executives at many companies across the land are making tens of millions dollars each every year shows that they can afford to pay more.

Naysayers will come up with a million reasons not to support these bills. They will say that they are filled with pork, filled with waste and filled with projects that are not needed. They are wrong. We need to do this because they are the right things to do, right now.

Just my angle.

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