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Talking Politics with Gov. Jim Florio

Former New Jersey Gov. Jim Florio (left) believes history will treat Trump's political apologists harshly.

Today's episode of the NFN Radio News podcast is with former New Jersey Gov. and Congressman Jim Florio today, and we’re talking politics. The episode was recorded on Tuesday, July 27, following the riveting testimony of four police officers who were seriously injured during the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

In the episode, Florio talks about what he believes will be the consequences for those Republican lawmakers who have minimized the attack and continue to support Donald Trump’s Big Lie about the election.

Some of the highlights:

  • Trump supporters in Congress who are backing Trump and his election fraud lies will not be treated kindly by history.

  • Having served as a corporate board member with Trump, Florio has observed him in action and is convinced the defeated president believes his own lies.

  • Vladimir Putin undoubtedly wanted Trump elected because he knew he was unstable and could be easily manipulated.

  • Trump’s opposition to wind energy because turbines “cause cancer” was ridiculous.

  • Water “is the new oil” and we need to husband those resources in the battle against climate change.

There's a lot more, so take a listen to our conversation.

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