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The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI), is increasing across our economy and in our world. Exactly what is it? What are some of the implications? Why would Elon Musk say “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the devil?”

That’s our topic on the Lean to the Left podcast with our guest is Guy Morris, a proven thought leader in adapting advanced technologies, implementing complex IT applications, and advocate for internet and cyber-security.

"AI has become one of the most dangerous vehicles for misinformation that we've got," Morris says on the podcast, during which he discusses efforts to create a worldwide digital currency to replace the dollar and other currencies, that various forms of AI threaten individual privacy and financial security, and are being used in weapons systems, including "swarms" of drones that can be dispatched to attack an enemy.

He tells how he was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of some of his work in artificial intelligence, and the threat of both Russia and China in the development and deployment of AI.

With multiple degrees, and 36 years of Fortune 100 leadership within companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, Guy has a lot of success stories. They range from designing a macro-economic model that out-performed the Federal Reserve and all major banks, building high-performance global teams, driving merger & acquisition deals in energy, innovating early AI Expert Systems technology, and pioneering internet tech and award-winning webisodes.

Guy is also a Disney published composer, musician with multiple CDs, inventor, a licensed Coast Guard charter captain, entrepreneur, researcher of history and prophecy, and author of AI, espionage, religious, political and history thrillers, including his latest, "Swarm" and "The Last Ark."

We’re delighted to have Guy Morris with us on the Lean to the Left podcast, where we love to explore important developments that shape our society and our world.

Here are some questions we asked him:

1. To get started, let’s define artificial intelligence – AI. Exactly what is it?

2. You’ve said that AI may be the most dangerous technology of our age. Why?

3. What event inspired you to research and write about AI?

4. What do you consider the big risks of AI to our society?

5. What are some of the risks of AI that cannot be controlled by developers?

6. What are the risks of what AI can do by design based on objectives of investors?

7. Who are these investors and what do they hope to gain?

8. You write that AI powered deep fake videos complicate the dangers of misinformation. Please explain.

9. How can AI be used to unfairly attack political candidates and skew an election?

10. Tell us about your books, Swarm and The Last Ark, which focus on artificial intelligence.

11. Where did the idea for those books come from?

12. As a writer, I’m always getting online promos about apps that will “automatically” write blogs or articles. What are the dangers of these applications? What about for students who are supposed to be learning to write?

13. Where can people find your books?

Listen to the interview:

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1 comentario

C J Waldron
C J Waldron
10 ene 2023

There is an AI program called ChatGPT that essentially writes essays. It’s becoming the nemesis of college English professors like me who are evaluating student performance based upon these fraudulent submissions. Fortunately, there is also a program designed to detect ChatGPT essays.

It’s tough trying to stay ahead of technology.

Me gusta
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