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The Environment: 'Devastation of Biblical Proportion'

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Warning that the environmental consequences of climate change are already upon us, energy scientist Jack Kerfoot and Maya van Rossum, originator of the Green Amendment, are calling upon voters to elect state and federal legislators who recognize that challenge and are determined to take concrete action.

Speaking on the Lean to the Left podcast with host journalist Bob Gatty, Kerfoot and van Rossum agreed that replacing reliance on fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, with solar and wind energy sources is the key to reducing the environmental dangers that already are affecting many regions of the world.

“The sword of Damocles over all of us is the environment, and if we don't take action collectively together, then we will severely face devastation of biblical proportion,” warns Kerfoot, who noted that in June temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, commonly in the 60s and 70s, reached 120F.

“People, are experiencing the climate crisis and the science really is bearing out whether you're talking about heat waves, floods, drought, wildfires,” says van Rossum. “All of these different manifestations of the climate crisis can be tracked back to greenhouse gas emissions, and the transformation of what is happening within the Earth's atmosphere as the result of methane emissions carbon dioxide and more.”

During the interview, van Rossum and Kerfoot discuss actions that are taking place in specific states in the U.S. aimed at increasing the use of renewable sources for the generation of electricity, and stress additional actions that are needed.

Jack Kerfoot is a scientist, energy expert, and author of the book FUELING AMERICA, An Insider’s Journey, and articles for The Hill, one of the largest independent political news sites in the United States.

Kerfoot began his career in the energy industry in 1976, when America was paralyzed by an oil embargo. He spent over 45 years traveling the world, working with scientists, bureaucrats, ministers, tycoons, sheiks, and heads of state on a diverse range of energy issues. He is the principal of JL Kerfoot Energy Services and blogs on his website, Our Energy Conundrum, at

Lean to the Left is now in the midst of presenting analysis by Jack Kerfoot of how various regions around the country are doing in terms of moving away from reliance on fossil fuels for energy production. Two of those episodes covering four Northeastern and five Midwestern states are now streaming.

With the new episode focused on the Southwest scheduled for August 28th and then the Northwest on September 18.

Maya K. van Rossum is the Delaware Riverkeeper and leader for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, which works throughout the four states of the Delaware River watershed (NY, NJ, PA & DE) and at the national level using advocacy, science and litigation.

During van Rossum's 30 years leading the Network, she and her organization were the lead plaintiffs in a successful case that had the PA Supreme Court breathe legal life into PA's long ignored environmental rights amendment.

Now, van Rossum is advancing The Green Amendment movement, seeking to inspire and secure constitutional protection for environmental rights across the nation.

van Rossum is author of a book titled “The Green Amendment, The People's Fight For a Clean, Safe & Healthy Environment”.

Listen to the podcast:

View the interview:

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