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The Kecksburg UFO: The Story of the Century

Updated: Apr 22

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It was in the early evening of Thursday, December 9, 1965 that the night editor of the Greensburg, PA, Tribune-Review sent me to the little rural community of Kecksburg, PA, to cover the reported landing of an unidentified flying object in the woods near a farmer’s field.

He said it would be "the story of the century." Little did he know.


The Kecksburg UFO

When I arrived at the scene, armed soldiers blocked access to the reported landing site and I was told that if I ventured into that field, I would be arrested. Yet, the soldier in charge told me that “nothing” had happened.


Fast forward to today. We have with us on the Lean to the Left podcast UFO investigator Stan Gordon, a Pennsylvanian who for these past 59 years has been searching for the truth about what really happened that night, the night of the Kecksburg UFO.


Stan has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959, so when the Kecksburg incident occurred, it was right in his wheelhouse.


He is a former Pennsylvania state director for the Mutual UFO Network and produced the UFO video documentary, “Kecksburg the Untold Story.” He’s written four books, including his latest, “Creepy Cryptids and Strange UFO Encounters of Pennsylvania.”


Back in 2017, Stan invited me to speak at the annual Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department’s  UFO Festival, to recount my experience as a reporter that night. Now, it’s my turn to have him on my show.


Here are questions we covered on the show:


Q. So, Stan, tell us what your investigation into the Kecksburg UFO incident has revealed.


Q. What do you believe happened that night?


Q. Eye witnesses said the object appeared to be steered – it just didn’t shoot down from the sky. Do you believe those reports? If it was guided somehow, what does that tell you?


Q. There have been suggestions that this was some sort of military device that might even have been radioactive. Do you believe that?

The Kecksburg UFO replica
Bob Gatty poses with the Kecksburg UFO replica during the UFO Festival in 2017

Q. There’s a replica of the object, which looks like a giant acorn, on display at the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department’s grounds. It’s complete with strange markings that some eyewitnesses said they saw. What do you make of that?


Q. Since then, you’ve expanded your research to include other UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and then, of course, you wrote this latest book about “creepy cryptids.” First of all, what is a cryptid?


Q. What’s this research produced in terms of solid information?


Q. You make a lot of public appearances to discuss Kecksburg and these other unexplained happenings. What’s that experience been like? Have people come forward with more info for you?


Q. In fact, you established a UFO hot-line for the public to report UFO sightings so you could investigate them. Is that hotline still in use? What is it? What’s it produced?


Q. How did the Kecksburg UFO incident lead you to expand your work from UFOs to Bigfoot and cryptids?


Q. How can people find your books? How can they reach out to you to discuss or provide information?

Listen to the podcast:

View the interview:

Read the AI-generated transcript:

UFOs_ Explaining the Unexplainable
Download DOCX • 23KB

Unveiling the Kecksburg UFO Incident: A Deep Dive with Stan Gordon

This Lean to the Left podcast episode features an in-depth discussion with Stan Gordon, a seasoned UFO investigator, about the mysterious Kecksburg UFO incident of 1965. The host, Bob Gatty, who was a reporter dispatched to Kecksburg on the night of the incident, shares his experience at the scene where armed forces barred entry to the landing site.

Stan Gordon, deeply involved in investigating the phenomenon since it occurred, shares extensive insights based on years of research, interviews, and encounters. He provides an intriguing account of the object's description, a metallic acorn-shaped device with unique inscriptions, and its subsequent removal under tight military security.

Furthermore, the dialogue touches on broader topics including Bigfoot sightings, cryptids, and other UFO encounters, exploring the interdimensional theory, and adding personal reflections on the impact of such phenomena on witnesses and society.

The conversation also addresses the increasing credibility and investigation of UFO sightings by the government.

00:00 The Mysterious Night in Kecksburg: A Reporter's Tale 00:36 Introducing UFO Investigator Stan Gordon

01:58 Unraveling the Kecksburg UFO Mystery

03:37 Eyewitness Accounts and Military Involvement

12:59 Exploring Other Mysterious Encounters

13:12 The Enigma of Cryptids and Bigfoot

24:29 Government Involvement and Public Interest

34:55 Stan Gordon's Personal Journey and Public Outreach

39:00 Concluding Thoughts and Encouragement

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