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The Laughing Stock Buffoon

So President Trump became the butt of jokes between top world leaders at the NATO summit near London, prompting him to stalk away and start calling people names.

Wasn't it Trump who said in a 2014 tweet that "We need a President who isn't a laughing stock to the entire world?" In that tweet, he added, "We need a truly great leader, a genius at strategy and winning. Respect!"

Well, la de da.

Barack Obama has the admiration and respect of virtually every free nation in the world. In fact, the man who Trump absolutely despises and who he tried to obsessively discredit and still tries to undo his legacy, has been the "Most Admired Man" in the World for 11 years.

Donald Trump? Not so much.

The Canadian Prime Minister, the French President, and the British Prime Minister were captured on video mocking Trump's performance during a NATO meeting, during which Canada's Justin Trudeau was heard saying White House aides were agog at his behavior.

The video circulated widely on social media today and is shared above.

During that conversation, Canada's Justin Trudeau said to the others, "You just watched his team's jaws drop to the floor." Later. Trudeau said his comment was in reference to Trump's announcement during their bilateral meeting that the upcoming G7 summit will be hosted at Camp David.

Trump's reaction?

He called Trudeau "two-faced." Then, to soften things a bit, he added, ""honestly with Trudeau, he's a nice guy."

Trump criticized Trudeau because Canada does not currently meet NATO's 2% defense spending target.

"The truth is I called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2% and I guess he's not very happy about it," Trump said. "I can imagine he's not that happy, but that's the way it is." .

Well, the way it is, actually, is that America has a buffoon who is a world laughingstock as our president. He stalks out of meetings when he doesn't get his way, and like the schoolyard bully, resorts to calling people names. He whines and complains and says no president has ever had it so bad. We had a seven-year-old visitor over Thanksgiving who is more mature than this man.

In fact, a Trump trademark is calling people nasty names when he disagrees or doesn't like them. Or feels threatened by them. He demeans at every opportunity.

Now, some of those who have been his target -- Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for example --may just have the last laugh. He calls Schiff "Pencil Neck" and "Shifty Schiff."

Now, Schiff chaired the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment hearings and authored the 300-page report recommending Trump's impeachment on charges of obstruction of justice and bribery, among others.

How's that for revenge?

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Jackie Cristiano
Jackie Cristiano
Dec 19, 2019

I think Most of us cannot understand how he got elected! What did those who did vote for him see or think they saw that was worthy of presiidency?They must have fantisized about his qualifications!


Jackie Cristiano
Jackie Cristiano
Dec 16, 2019

I guess he doesn't know anyone with those qualification!


Well Trump is correct-they are laughing at us. The work I do keeps me in touch with colleagues world wide. They think our president is totally bizarre and cannot imagine how he was elected!

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