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The Mad King

King George III, known as the king who lost America, ran around the castle, seemingly out of his mind. King Donald reportedly does pretty much the same thing as he raves about losing the presidency to Joe Biden, rants on Twitter, and tries to devise crazy schemes to hang on to power.

For many years, it was fashionable for historians to attribute King George's madness to a genetic blood disorder called porphyria, whose symptoms included blue urine. However, that theory was debunked by new research by St. George's, University of London, that concluded King George actually suffered from mental illness and that the blue pee came from a herbal medicine made from some sort of a blue flower.

No small number of mental health professionals have warned that King Donald has been exhibiting dangerous mental impairments. Now, Trump apparently has come to believe his own false and outlandish claims that the election was stolen from him, as well as the wacko conspiracy theories that his supplicants have spun trying to placate America's mad king.

King Donald even held a White House meeting where the discussion included the possibility of using the military to force new elections in key states that he lost, and he's been hitting the phone frantically trying to convince Republican senators to support a plan to contest the election in Congress.

Having failed with a multitude of court challenges, even before the U.S. Supreme Court with his hand-picked conservative majority, King Donald unsuccessfully pleaded with Attorney General William P. Barr for help, wanting him to seize voting machines and launch a special investigation into his allegations of voter fraud.

But Barr said Monday there is no basis for the federal government to seize voting machines, and that he would not appoint a special counsel to conduct such an investigation.

After a meeting with Trump last week, the attorney general submitted his resignation, saying in his letter -- which spent all but two paragraphs applauding Trump's actions as president -- that his last day would be December 23.


Since then, Trump seemingly has become increasingly desperate as he tries to find ways to hang on to power.

On Sunday, in a radio interview, King Donald said he had spoken with Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) about challenging the electoral vote count when the House and Senate convene on Jan. 6 to formally affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Tuberville is a former college football coach who defeated Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) on November 3.

“He’s so excited,” Trump said of Tuberville. “He said, ‘You made me the most popular politician in the United States.’ He said, ‘I can’t believe it.’ He’s great. Great senator.”

And at a frenetic Oval Office meeting days earlier, King Donald seemed to entertain other steps that some advisers warned are baseless and exceed the bounds of his power, such as using the military to declare martial law and rerun elections in the battleground states that he lost.

He also wanted to name lawyer Sidney Powell, who has been virtually laughed out for court for her ineptness during the Trump election cases, as special counsel to investigate voter fraud. Powell has promoted the false claim that Venezuelan communists programmed U.S. voting machines to switch Trump votes to Biden. However, reports from inside sources said that idea was quickly trashed.

There was a report on CNN -- which delighted many Trump haters on social media -- that not only does Trump insist he actually won the 2020 election, but has said at times that he will not vacate the White House when his term ends January 20. That would mean he would be evicted by the Secret Service.

“In his moments of deepest denial,” CNN reported, “Trump has told some advisers that he will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, only to be walked down from that ledge.”

“He’s throwing a fucking temper tantrum,” one White House staffer said, according to CNN. “He’s going to leave. He’s just lashing out.” Even if that’s true, is it any wonder the guy who said he was “entitled” to a third term in office is reportedly having a meltdown over being kicked out after just one?

As Emily Tannenbaum wrote in Glamour December 17, Trump previously promised to leave the White House should the Electoral College confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

“Certainly I will, and you know that,” he replied to a reporter during his November tiny-desk press conference. “But I think there will be a lot of things happening between now and the 20th of January. A lot of things. Massive fraud has been found. We’re like a third-world country.”

Yes, King Donald has done his best to make America "like a third-world country," and he continues to do so as he sabotages the Biden transition and takes last minute actions to place land mines in its path, all in an effort to limit the new president's success.

Indeed, Trump is acting very much like a mad king, delusional, unhinged, vindictive, mean. But let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's genetic -- after all, he comes from a nasty, dysfunctional family, and like King George, he is the son of a mean man, a bully.

Coincidentally, both were of German heritage. In fact, Trump's original family name was Drumpf.

So perhaps, as they thought was the case with King George, King Donald has that same medical disorder and he should have his urine checked. If it's blue, either he's been eating blue flowered herbs, or he has porphyria.

Maybe that would explain all of this madness.

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His antics are like a madman's! Why doesn't someone just walk him out of there now? It is shameful-actually there are NO WORDS!

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