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The Trauma of Regulating Women's Body Decisions

Wake up America!

Wake up America! It is 2023, and women are still fighting for their right to choose what they want to do with their bodies.

While a judge in Texas granted "permission" for a woman to terminate her pregnancy despite the state's strict abortion ban, it is concerning that decisions related to women's bodies are still being regulated. Having a judge grant "permission" over a woman's choice for her own body is reminiscent of the treatment of Black women by White men on plantations, where they were forcibly enslaved and raped.


The dialogue must change from one of control to one of respect, where every individual has the freedom to make decisions for themselves and their body. Politicians should be protecting this right rather than trying to regulate it. But they are not.

Meanwhile, Missouri Republicans have introduced legislation to classify abortion as a criminal offense punishable by murder charges. This is such a hypocritic bill to even consider, let alone to pass!

The Trauma of Regulating Women's Body Decisions

Women are literally dying at the hands of doctors during or after plastic surgery, yet there has been no law regulating that. Is it because this would affect men, too? And plastic surgery is a far more aggressive surgery to undergo than an abortion. And if the overall debate is over “taking a life,” then should we not call aggressive elective surgeries attempted murder by all physicians who perform them?


The right to choose is a fundamental human right and regulating a woman's decision on what to do with her body can have serious consequences. A woman's mental health can be severely impacted if she is forced to give birth and carry a child she does not want - leading to anxiety, depression, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, and even suicide.  And for women who have already experienced trauma, it can trigger memories and exacerbate PTSD symptoms. This is why it is crucial to consider the long-lasting emotional and psychological trauma of regulating women's body decisions.


Additionally, the lack of laws or regulations regarding plastic surgery procedures is alarming. Women who choose to undergo elective surgeries are at risk of complications and even death due to medical malpractice. It is not uncommon for these procedures to be performed by doctors without proper credentials or certifications. The fact that such surgeries are not regulated more heavily is a serious issue and is indicative of the ways in which women's health is often overlooked, especially during pregnancy.


Women deserve the right to make choices regarding their bodies without fear of prosecution or judgement. It is important for lawmakers to recognize the emotional and psychological stress that comes with regulating these decisions. If it so crucial to regulate abortion rights, then elective surgeries should be regulated just as heavily.


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