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Trump: I Don't Like Her. She's a Meanie

What a whiner. What a jerk. That's the president of the United States, Donald Trump, whose first reaction to Joe Biden's selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate, was to say she was mean to Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 Senate confirmation hearings.

Yep, Harris, a former prosecutor, was tough on Kavanaugh, grilling him about abortion and the Mueller investigation, when she asked him:

"Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?" Finally, struggling for words, he answered, "I'm not aware of any right now, senator."

Well, Trump, perhaps the meanest, nastiest politician in the history of America, said after Biden's announcement that Harris was a meanie and he wouldn't forget it.

"And the horrible way she treated Justice Kavanaugh, that was a horrible event. I thought it was terrible for her, I thought it was terrible for our nation," Trump said during a White House briefing. "I thought she was the meanest, the most horrible most disrespectful of anybody in the U.S. Senate."

"She was extraordinarily nasty to Kavanaugh, Judge Kavanaugh, Now Justice Kavanaugh," said Trump. "She was nasty to the level that was just a horrible thing the way she was, the way she treated now-Justice Kavanaugh. And I won't forget that soon."

Trump also laid on Harris the ultimate political insult in the world of his MAGA supporters: the "L" word.

"She is also known, from what I understand, as being just about the most liberal person in the U.S. Senate and I would have thought Biden would have tried to stay away from that a little bit," Trump said. 

Trump Plays the Race Card?

Meanwhile, after Biden announced Harris' selection, the Trump campaign previewed what can be expected to be a line of attack in the campaign against Harris: her fairly tough record as a prosecutor that concerns some African American voters, and her campaign debate attack on Biden for his record against busing.

"Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and asked for an apology she never received," said Katrina Pierson, a Trump senior advisor. "Clearly, Phony Kamala will abandon her own morals, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, in order to appease the anti-police extremists controlling the Democrat Party. She is proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with the extreme agenda of the radicals on the left."

Another lie from the Trumpster and his shills. Harris never called Biden a racist. She did say it was "hurtful" to hear him talk about finding common ground with segregationist senators, for which Biden later apologized.

However, as USA Today reports, Harris has labeled Trump a racist.

"When you talk about him calling African countries s-hole countries, when you talk about him referring to immigrants as rapists and murderers, I don’t think you can reach any other conclusion," she told The Root in an interview last year.

Already, the Trump line is catching on with his no-thinking supporters.

Here's what one wrote on my Facebook feed yesterday.

"She called him a racist. I want to hear she still thinks that," the Trumpster wrote, along with a gif of the Trump MAGA train, which I will not display here.

"Going to run them both over," he said.

My response:

"You're funny."

Why funny? Because it's a hilarious that a supporter of racist Trump would think that placing that label on Biden would hold any weight. The idea of that is just silly.

November 3.


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