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Trump's October Surprise: Revealed

Well, the cat’s out of the bag! In what is undoubtedly one of the worst kept secrets in politics outside of Trump’s hairpiece, Fox’s Jeanine Pirro acknowledged that there is bad news afoot for the Biden campaign. In fact she claimed there would be something so devastating that “Joe Biden isn’t going to be on the ticket”.

In a commentary, Pirro indicated “something’s going to happen” to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. She provided zero evidence to back up her comments. Another Fox commentator, Brett Baier, walked back the comments, but that was not before fellow commentator Dana Perino appeared to mouth “Oh man!” in an obviously shocked reaction to Pirro’s assertion.

While other Fox talking heads tried to clear up Pirro's remarks by indicating she may be referring to Biden’s age, a claim she denied, and that she may have meant he wasn’t going to accept the nomination at a formal convention, Pirro refused to clarify her comments.

It comes as no surprise that Fox would have some inside information regarding Trump’s plans.

The incestuous relationship between the network and the Trump administration has seen a revolving door of employees being shuttled from one to the other. So, the fact Fox has a scoop on some future actions seems as normal as breathing. Indeed, Fox would allow Trump a bully pulpit for his rants and Trump, in turn, would echo the baseless conspiracy theories Fox hosts would present.

This isn’t the first time Pirro has found herself in hot water. She was recently suspended for her controversial remarks about a Democratic Congresswoman. Claiming Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) wasn’t patriotic because she wore a hijab, Pirro had her religious bigotry on full display.

Of course Trump demanded her immediate reinstatement . His hatred towards Omar and three other female freshman members of Congress, known collectively as “The Squad”, is well documented, so it’s no wonder he came to Pirro's defense.

What could this October surprise be? What could be so damning that Biden will be forced to withdraw from the election?

It’s no secret that Trump's pal and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has made trips to Ukraine. It’s also no secret that he’s done so at the behest of Trump to dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. Giuliani has been noticeably absent from the public, other than an occasional rant on Fox. It’s entirely possible that Trump believes he has the dirt that will, indeed, do Biden in.

We’ve seen this before.

There was the false claim that Trump continues to make that the Obama White House spied in the Trump campaign. There was the vague Obamagate accusation. And organizations like Q Anon are regularly spinning conspiracy theories about a shadowy “deep state” that is out to undermine Trump.

Whatever the case, the hint of an October bombshell should come as no surprise. Indeed, given the daily antics of the Trump administration, it’s to be expected. Like past “bombshells”, Trump will scream “Treason!” and then the issue will die once facts are brought to light.

November 3rd can’t come soon enough.

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