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War in Ukraine: Deep Background from Bob Buzzanco

Bob Buzzanco interviewed on Lean to the Left podcast.
University of Houston History Professor Bob Buzzanco says U.S.-supported NATIO expansion contributed to Putin's decision to attack Ukraine.

Today the Lean to the Left Podcast interviews University of Houston history professor Bob Buzzanco to discuss some of the historical context with respect to the vicious attack by Russia on Ukraine, and what he thinks is required to reach an agreement to stop the bloodshed.

Professor Buzzanco, who also co-hosts the Green and Red Podcast, describes himself, among other things, as a historian, writer, agitator, professor, and Sicilian. He has an extensive record of publications and speaking out on U.S. foreign policy, the arms race, NATO, U.S. armed conflict and wars, and U.S. relations with the Soviet Union and Russia.

He is also an award winning author of numerous books and essays on the Cold War, the Vietnam War, U.S. military intervention, the military-industrial complex, and the military budget. A review of his social media pages reveals that he’s no fan of the military industrial complex.

Regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine, Buzzanco contends that it’s important to understand the history of U.S.-supported NATO expansion since the fall of the Soviet Union and Putin’s determination to restore his country to its place as a world leader.

Take a listen:

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1 commentaire

Mark M. Bello
Mark M. Bello
28 mars 2022

Great interview, Bob!

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