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What Makes a Leader?

President Barack Obama, a true leader.

The health and economic crises that has befallen our nation demands strong, honest, forthright and wise leadership if lives are to be saved and if we are to avoid a financial catastrophe not seen since the Great Depression. So, the question becomes: What makes a leader?

A leader inspires us, not belittles others.

A leader takes responsibility rather than blaming others when things go wrong.

A leader takes into account all points of view and does not refuse to listen out of spite.

A leader shares credit for positive results and does not demand thanks for “fixing” a crisis they created.

A leader accepts blame for things they did wrong and takes measures to correct them instead of lying about the situation and deflecting the issue to others, even if it’s not true.

A leader doesn’t demand thanks for doing what they were elected to do, but quietly does these things without fanfare.

A leader does not demand personal loyalty over country.

Think about it. There have been many great leaders of this country.

Leaders who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Or, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Or, one who described America as “a thousand points of light”.

A leader does not call the media “fake news” or “the enemy of the people” when they don’t agree with him. A leader does not pledge to “Make America Great” by dividing the country and including only his supporters.

During this period of crisis, America needs a leader. We need someone who leads by example, who takes responsibility, who unites us as a people. Whose word we can trust.

This is why the next election is to vitally important to preserve the values America was founded upon. We cannot survive another four years of “us versus them”, xenophobia, racist attacks and vindictiveness that stems from the White House.

The world needs to stop laughing at us and instead we need to retake our place as a world leader. And we need a leader who can accomplish that through diplomacy and cooperation instead of trying to bully other nations to do our bidding.

America was already great. We need a leader who recognizes this; that we are a nation of immigrants and white does not make right. We need to embrace ALL of America and attempt to understand our differences.

America was founded upon the ideal that anyone can succeed. It was supposed to be the Land of Opportunity. We need to return to those core values where human life was more valuable than “the right to bear arms”.

We need a leader who will make all this possible.

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