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What's in a Name?

Crooked, Lying, Sleepy, Shifty, Never Trumper, Fake News, Human Scum…What do all of these have in common?

They are labels Donald Trump gave to those who opposed him. Like a schoolyard bully, Trump uses these labels to intimidate and rally his base. It is the action of an immature man-child, who unfortunately has his finger on the nuclear button.

The sad thing is, even though he was once reviled by the party he hijacked, Republicans do nothing to stop him from running roughshod over the Constitution. Instead, they enable Trump by allowing him to act with impunity.

We all recall being bullied at one time or another. There was the feeling of dread walking into a certain class or even going to the cafeteria, afraid of being the subject of ridicule. The thing is, we grew in our self-confidence, while the bullies peaked in high school and eventually faded into obscurity.

But what if the bully didn’t fade away? What if some millionaire daddy supported him and his massive ego led that schoolyard bully all the way to the Oval Office?

Such is our current situation.

Now members of Congress cower in fear of being the next target. They seem to be stuck in the past, recalling their own bullying experiences and fearful of again being the subject of derision.

Just look how the all powerful Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) reacted to being called #MoscowMitch. For several weeks he remained relatively silent, and he still hasn’t reclaimed his own bullying status, and instead serves as a surrogate for Trump’s dismantling of American values.

Meanwhile, Democrats ignor the bullying as they proceed to hold Trump accountable by acting on their Constitutionally mandated duty to keep the Executive branch in check, upholding Congress' checks-and-balances responsibilities.

Republicans should remember this, but it’s not likely they will. They are too intimidated by this bully. They are too frightened about being on the receiving end of an angry Tweet that could cost them their treasured positions in Congress


They are afraid of being called a name.

My message to them is, grow up and do your jobs!!

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