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'Wonderful Person' Throws a Trumpertantrum

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Now Donald Trump, calling himself a "wonderful person," is whining about The Open Championship not being played at his Trump Turnberry golf course in Scotland. You could say that he threw a "Trumpertantrum."


Newsweek is reporting that Trump complained about the decision to play the 2021 Open Championship at Royal St. George's Golf Club and not the course he purchased in 2014.

"As almost all of the great players, sportscasters, and golf aficionados know, the greatest site and course of all for The Open is Turnberry, in Scotland," he said in a statement released Saturday.

"It is truly a magical place, the players want to be there, and at some point in time the players will be there. But this course was not chosen for The Open because they consider a wonderful person, and many-time Club Champion, named Donald J. Trump, to be too controversial—this is, of course, a false reputation caused mainly by the Fake News Media."

"It is a shame that the phenomenal Turnberry Golf links, the best in the World, sits empty during Open Championships, while far lesser courses are on display. Oh well, life proceeds forward! Someday The Open will be back at Turnberry," Trump said.

The Newsweek article pointed out that numerous prominent businesses and institutions have severed ties with Trump since the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, including the PGA of America, the New York State Bar Association, social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, and four of the nation's largest banks.

In doing so, those organizations said Trump violated their standards against the promotion of violence and they no longer want their brands associated with him.

Nevertheless, Trump continues to spread the Big Lie that the election was stolen from him by fraudulent voting and targets lawmakers who opposed him by voting for his impeachment.

But Trump can whine all he wants, howl at the moon, or whatever, but the fact remains that he's finished -- he and his loyalists just don't realize it yet.

As The Hill, an outstanding publication that covers politics, Congress and the administration, pointed out today, "Social media bans have made him a less central figure to the national conversation than he once was. The Trump Organization and its longtime chief financial officerAllen Weisselberg are under indictment for tax fraud in New York.

"The former president also confronts an immutable law — time moves on. His presidency is always receding in the rearview mirror."

So do you really care that Trump is throwing a tantrum about a golf tournament not being played at the "wonderful person's" golf course?

I could care less.

As my wife, Jackie, just said, "He's a bigger jerk than anybody thought."

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Mark M. Bello
Mark M. Bello
Jul 18, 2021

Bob: Enjoyed your article. This guy has the temperment of a spoiled child. He clearly needs a 'time out." While I agree with your extremely brilliant wife, and love the term "Trumpertantrum", I would be careful about writing Donnie-boy's political obituary.

The Dems needed a record turnout to beat him last time and restrictive voting laws and gerrymandering will make it more difficult to vote, next time. His brainwashed, devoted, followers still bend the knee and continue to spread the 'big lie." If you want his presidency to truly remain in the "rearview mirror" for 2024, you must get out and register, then vote, in record numbers, no matter what obstacles they place in your way. Regards, Mark

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Jul 19, 2021
Replying to

I agree, Mark. The only way to save America is to use one four letter word. V-O-T-E. Sitting on the sidelines won't do it. That's especially important in the 2022 mid-term elections for Congress. But, I do not believe he will be able to maintain the same level of support that he had in 2020, especially if his legal problems come to fruition and he continues acting like a jackass.

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