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Bob Gatty, founder and editor of Not Fake News, and Chris Waldron, contributing editor, have  published a new book tracking actions by President Donald Trump that have effectively resulted in his hijacking our nation.


Thus, the title: Hijacked Nation: Donald Trump’s attack on America’s greatness.


For signed copies by the authors, please contact us at Supplies of authors' copies to sign are limited. There is a $5 shipping charge.


Based on blogs from Not Fake News, the book offers a play-by-play of the tragic Donald Trump presidency as it has unfolded since his election, beginning in September 2017 when the Not Fake blog was launched through June 26, 2020, a time of historic discord in America.


Commentaries by four other Not Fake News contributors, Susan Hutchinson, Steve Hamelman, Stacy Fitzgerald,  and Stacie Pearman, are included.


The book provides a contemporary history of important national developments that will leave an indelible mark on the history of our nation, written from our own "lean to the left" perspective.


Volume 1 is organized in these chapters: 1. Attacks on the Media & Other News, 2. Trampling the Constitution, 3. The Continuing Sin of Racism, 4. The Guns Obsession, 5. The Battle Over Healthcare, 6. Trashing the Environment, and 7. Blunders in Foreign Affairs.


Volume 2 includes: Chapters 1. Immoral Immigration, 2. The Impeached President, 3. Politics & Elections in the Age of Trump, and 4. The coronavirus.


All 11 chapters are included in the digital Kindle edition at $9.95, which can be read on any device with the free Kindle app from The paperback volumes are also available at at  $14.95 each.

Hijacked Nation-Volumes 1 and 2

$29.90 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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