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Rep. Mo Brooks: Life Saving Loss

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) believes his loss in his bid to win the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions may actually have saved his life.

During a House floor speech Dec. 13, Brooks announced that he had high-risk prostate cancer that required a prostatectomy, which was performed just before Christmas. The Congressman was informed by his urologist about his diagnosis shortly after his defeat in the Alabama Senate primary.

"Had I won, I would not have had time for my physical and PSA test, I would not have had a prostate biopsy, I would not now know about my high-risk prostate cancer that requires immediate surgery," Brooks said in his House floor speech. "In retrospect and paradoxically, losing the Senate race may have saved my life. Yes, God does work in mysterious ways."

Brooks lost the Republican nomination to Judge Roy Moore, who was defeated by Democrat Doug Jones following reports published that he had pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls while in his thirties.

Prostate cancer runs in Brooks’ family. His father discovered his cancer early enough and lived for another four decades, but his grandfather learned of it too late. Fortunately for Brooks, a CT scan and nuclear bone scan revealed no cancer beyond his prostate.

Brooks expects to recuperate over the holidays with his family.

“Don’t ever, ever, take your health or family for granted. During the holidays, enjoy your family, because no one, no one, is promised tomorrow,” Brooks said.

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