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The 'World' Laughs at the Conman-in-Chief

Today members of the United Nations General Assembly broke out in laughter when President Trump, the Conman-in-Chief, claimed that his administration has done more in two-years than "almost any administration" in American history.

There to address the UN and extoll his tough line defending American sovereignty against other nations that he believes have taken advantage of America's generosity, Trump couldn't help but trot out his favorite rally line about his greatness.

His bragging was met with unmasked guffaws by many in the audience, much to Trump's dismay. Later, he said he was joking and the line was meant to draw laughter.

Right. That was just another Trump con -- just like his claims of having accomplished so much more than any other president in the history of the universe. The only thing this guy can lay claim to, in terms of setting records, is the number of lies and misstatements he has told -- more than 5,000 since entering office.

He just cons and cons and cons and cons.

Of course his biggest con of all was convincing his blue collar supporters that if they elected him their lives would somehow be better and he would Make America Great Again. Right. America was great before this dude showed up. All he's done is dismantle protections for consumers, for the environment, for healthcare, for education, for the poor -- all directed towards helping his rich cronies and big business supporters grow even richer.

Just wait until those Trump voters try to retire and they can't get Social Security (for which they've paid all their lives) or Medicare or for the less fortunate, Medicaid. They'll then realize they've been conned, but it will be much too late. Right now that extra $20 in their paycheck resulting from the gazillion $$ GOP tax cut for the rich looks pretty good, so what's the problem?

Today the Conman-in-Chief had the gall to label as conmen the Democrats who want to hear testimony from two women who have accused his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual misdeeds. Taking time out from his duties at the UN, Trump said "This is a con game being played by the Democrats." He claimed the Democrats know Kavanaugh is a wonderful person and will make an outstanding justice, but all they want to do is gain political points ahead of the November election.

Really? I don't think so.

The real conman in this scenario is Trump. And the funny thing is that for years and years he's claimed "the world is laughing" at the U.S., and during his campaign he swore that would never happen on his watch.

Really? I'd say the U.N. General Assembly, which represents most every country, qualifies as "the world." And today, they laughed at Donald Trump.

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