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Blind Horse, Seeing Eye Donkey, Rescued from Flood -- Good News for a Change

Wonder and Bo. Photo by WLOS Staff

Today, I'm going to tell you about Wonder, a blind white mare, and her sidekick, Bo, the donkey who sticks with her like a seeing eye dog, and how they were rescued from Hurricane Florence and now munch hay comfortably at a rescue farm in North Carolina.

I'm going to do that despite a wealth of Trump-related news today -- his bragging about his new trade deal with Canada and Mexico and how everybody loves it, his complaining that Brett Kavanaugh is getting shafted and that he worries about young boys and men in today's atmosphere of "guilty until proven innocent."

Women are doing fine, he said. Sex assault? Nah, no problem.

Then there was today's New York Times investigative article that definitively shows that Trump's riches came largely from his wealthy father (he was a millionaire by age 8), and that using shady tax schemes has allowed him to avoid millions in taxes.

But I'm not going to write about any of that today. Just look at the news or check the links above. We need a break. Let's talk about Wonder and Bo.

It seems that Sunday night, STAR Ranch rescue in Waynesville, NC, took in two new boarders, Wonder and Bo. "We give them dignity of life here," Karen Owens, the ranch's owner, told WLOS-TV News.

"Hi Wonder. You're a wonder," Owens said to the horse. "and it is a wonder how these things work out, you know.?"

Wherever Wonder goes, so does Bo.

"Her two-year-old seeing eye donkey is with her, and she felt comfortable and secure," said Owens. "Those two haven't been more than three feet from each other all night."

The pair was transported by a volunteer after their farm near Wilmington flooded They traveled with three pigs who were placed at another location in Sylva, NC.

They came at just the right time for Owens, whose blind miniature horse, Jellybean, died two weeks ago.

Two days after Jellybean was buried the phone rang. It was someone looking for a place to send Wonder.

"The lump in my throat was so big I didn't even think I could answer them," Owens told the TV station.

Obviously, the answer was yes.

Now wasn't that better than reading more crap about Trump? I'll take Wonder and Bo any day.

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