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The Right Wing Plot to Rig the U.S. Constitution

Image by cgrape from Pixabay

A concerted drive by big business and their conservative political pals to rig the U.S. Constitution in their favor has been underway for some time and the finish line is in sight.

The objective of the plot is to convince 34 state legislatures to pass legislation calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention, which, if called, would allow any and all changes to the Constitution to be considered.

As of now, 28 states have applied to Congress to hold a Constitutional Convention, which proponents call a “Convention of the States.” If six more states join the call, Congress would be required to call for a convention. And then, anything goes. The pressure is now in in the red state of South Carolina to make it the 29th.

How the Constitution can be amended is covered in Article V, which reads, “The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments.”

The purported reason for the initiative is to push for an amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, and to that end, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, has just been named honorary chairman of the Center for State-led National Debt Solutions (CSNDS), which is behind the drive.

“Where Washington has failed, the states must step up and lead — using their constitutional authority to solve the problem,” Walker said.

That statement is incredible, given the fact that it is the Republicans and the Trump administration that is responsible for the latest spending blitz that has ballooned the federal deficit to more than $22 billion, largely due to their tax cut for the wealthy -- for which they now want to pay by slashing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other important safety net programs. And, of course, when was there last a balanced federal budget? During the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton.

While the balanced budget amendment has drawn the most support to date, several issues have been proposed to be considered at such a convention, including term limits and altering the First or Second Amendments. Our right to free speech and freedom of the press, even our right to vote could be endangered, and still more protections for the gun lobby could be in play.

Think of the field day Donald Trump would have should such a convention be called during his presidency. It would be like a giant hog at a pig slop buffet.

Proponents are using the budget deficit as their smokescreen for this Constitutional attack. As a CSNDS press release asserted, the national debt is now 6.5 times national revenue. In 2018, the U.S. government paid over $250 billion just in interest payments on the national debt, which is about 16 percent of federal revenue. That is more than one million dollars per taxpayer.

That's serious, of course, but just think of the consequences if such a balanced budget amendment was inserted into the Constitution and politicians were required to immediately start cutting. Who would be the victims? If the Republicans and Trump stay in charge, it's not difficult to guess.

As a statement issued at a meeting of retired United Auto Workers in South Carolina noted, "There are no rules to govern constitutional conventions. There are no rules on how delegates would be selected, what would be within the convention's scope, or how a convention would work. At a time of extreme gerrymandering and in an environment of unlimited political spending it could allow special interests and the wealthiest to re-write the rules governor our system of government."

That is serious stuff.

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