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Bucking the Odds

If you're a Democrat, It takes a good deal of courage to run as a first-time candidate for public office in a ruby red state like South Carolina, which is so reliably Republican that in all too many cases Democrats don't even bother to try.

But if you're committed, concerned, and willing to take a shot, you're like Tony Cahill, who ran for a seat in the South Carolina state legislature, and by spending less than $1,000 on his campaign ended up with more than one-third of the vote.

One of the driving forces behind Cahill's decision to seek public office, besides his disdain for Donald J. Trump, was his concern about what he believes is an impending calamity unless strong, assertive action is taken.

That was a cornerstone of his campaign, but with the lack of resources for advertising and other traditional election campaign initiatives, he remained virtually unknown and, thus, had little chance of success.

In this interview for my NFN Radio News podcast, Cahill explains his motivation, what he thinks should be done to combat the pandemic, and what it was like campaigning with one yard sign and one billboard.

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