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Fighting 'A New Kind of Evil'

Updated: Apr 9

There's an unbelievable atrocity reportedly taking place in China, where innocent people are being murdered for profit – so their organs can be sold and used to feed that country's booming organ transplantation business.

It’s an unbelievably brutal practice that has been described as a "new kind of evil that has not existed on this planet before.” Shockingly, it's been going on for a long time; in fact, it was first exposed in 2006.

Mitchell Gerber, who has dedicated nearly two decades exposing these practices, shares his story with me on the NFN Radio News podcast. It's a stunningly graphic discussion of the Chinese government's targeting of followers of practitioners of Falun Gong faith.

Wikipedia reports that Falun Gong is a modern qigong discipline combining slow-moving exercises and meditation with a moral philosophy. It was founded by Li Hongzhi, who introduced it to the public in May 1992 in Changchun, Jilin. Following a period of rapid growth in the 1990s, the Communist Party launched a campaign to "eradicate" Falun Gong on 20 July 1999.

For an in-depth discussion about Qigong, check out this article by Nick DeNinno of

On the podcast, Gerber, who has made it his mission to bring attention to these atrocities, discusses how individuals in China, largely Falun Gong practitioners and condemned prisoners, are killed for their organs, which he says are removed while the person is still alive.

Reporting in from Vietnam, Gerber says his group's offices were shut down by the government and he was forced into hiding. He says there have been death threats, but he is determined to continue speaking out against these horrific practices.

To learn more, you can visit:

For the interview with Gerber and the complete story, take a listen:

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